The Kindle Fire seems to be getting some pretty serious competition, first with the Nexus 7 and later with the rumored 7-inch Apple iPad. A refresh is currently expected this fall, but what will Amazon announce? According to a new FCC filing from Amazon’s front-company, Harpers LLC, it seems that we will see a 10-inch Kindle Fire joining the Kindle family line-up.

The new regulatory filing does not give out much information, but supposedly the paperwork points clearly to a larger screen size on the device that is believed to be a new Kindle Fire. Rumors that suggest a launch sometime between now and this Fall line up with this paperwork, since certain secret elements of the filing will be revealed by the FCC in December. This all but guarantees a Kindle refresh this year, which won’t surprise anyone.

What isn’t clear right now is the future of the 7-inch model. Is it possible that Amazon won’t refresh this model anytime soon, if at all? With Nexus 7 moving into the 7-inch space, perhaps Amazon felt they had a better chance with creating a budget 10-incher. Recently we reported that Amazon was dramatically reducing the price of the 10-inch Kindle DX. This makes even more sense now, as they likely wanted the 10-inch e-readers gone before their Android-powered one hits store shelves in its place.

This begs the question: if Amazon were able to bring a reasonably powered budget 10-incher out for around $250-$350, would you consider it?