With so many awesome games getting released for Android lately, where would you be without great sites like Android Authority to sort out the good from the bad? Today I’d like to share with some games that you can download for free, and most importantly games that don’t suck. When I can find the time, these are games I’ve personally enjoyed on my Android device.

Reckless Racing Lite

Reckless Racing reminds me of one of those old off road racing games I loved as a kid for the original NES. Yes, the first Nintendo launched in the 80s for all you kids who don’t know what it’s like to blow the dust out of your cartridge style game when they don’t cooperate. I can’t recall off the top of my head which game I’m thinking of, nonetheless Reckless Racing Lite kills it on Android. What I especially liked about it is the ability to change your driving style from tilt to “tank mode” with on screen buttons. The overall game play is smooth, and the graphics are very nice. The game took a little bit longer to download than most, but it was definitely worth the wait. There is a paid version as well which I haven’t tried, and this lite version is free to play on 1 track with ads. A must have for racing game fans.

[Download Reckless Racing]

Homerun Battle 3D FREE

Even if you’re not a huge baseball fan, step up to the plate with Homerun Battle 3D and take a few swings. Immediately upon firing up Homerun Battle 3D I was taken back by the crisp superb graphics in this homerun derby, with a good soundtrack to go along with it.

The overall gameplay is awesome as well. While the object of the game is to hit as many homeruns as you can, your glowing bat moves around the strike zone and is controlled by whatever direction your tilt your phone. You then tap anywhere on the screen to smash the ball out of the park. It’s very addictive , and it’s a game you can jump right into and quickly learn.

Not only do you get single player mode, but for even more fun you can jump online with “matchup mode” which allows to play against other players worldwide. Your status bar will fill more with the more contact you make with the ball, giving you more juice of course with every homerun. The first one to fill their status bar wins. There is a paid version as well, which you can upgrade to after trying out this one for free. I’m going to go ahead and give this game 5 stars — Homerun Battle 3D is a must have on my Android device!

[Download Homerun Battle 3D]

City Story

Do you love games like Simcity and those all those city simulator games on Facebook everyones hooked on? Then be sure to check out City Story. Build your city with all sorts of cool buildings, get online, and visit other cities as well that other game players have created. Personally, I unfortunately don’t have a lot of free time to dive into games like this, but if I did I could see this game being very entertaining — especially with the whole socializing aspect to the game. I thought the graphics were superb, and recommend it to anyone who’s ready to build their dream city on their Android.

[Download City Story]

Wild West Sheriff Lite

Wild West Sheriff is a new western game with South Park looking characters, very entertaining. This hot little western game is one of my new favorites. Good old western gun slingin’ action! Controlling your target by tilting your device, or using your touch screen(I preferred the touch option which is much easier) you must protect stop the vicious outlaw cowboys and and indians dead in their tracks before they slaughter innocent folks. Another cool feature is the ability to challenge other players via the online leaderboards. This is a game you can jump right into and play, and will keep you hooked!

[Download Wild West Sheriff]

Tower Raiders 2

Do you love strategy games? This one might be worth your while. I discovered Tower Raiders 2 recently when a friend was tapping away at it, and have kept it on my phone since.

Tower Raiders 2 is yet another highly addictive, tower defense, strategic war game. Defend your base by building lots of guns, cannons, and lasers to protect 20 precious crystals from would-be raiders. The game comes with 6 levels for free. As you get farther into the game you collect resources while taking out the raiders, which allows you to keep upgrading your defense. It gets very challenging, and guaranteed to keep you hooked!

[Download Tower Raiders 2]

AirAttack HD Part 1

This game is actually only a demo, but it is long enough to add to the free list. Did you ever play 1942, and 1943? AirAttack HD is great replicate. As a fighter pilot going to war, take out everything in your path. If you loved the 1942 series you’ll be sure to enjoy AirAttack HD. As I haven’t tried it on a tablet, with NVIDIA support I imagine this game looks very nice on one.

[Download AirAttack HD Part 1]

Chess Free

Very popular chess game with 10 playable levels, from novice to expert. Uses “intelligent weakening” for lower levels. With 2 player mode, Chess Free allows you to play against your friends as well. Another added bonus is the ability to choose between 3 Chess Board colors and 3 Chess Piece Sets. If you are a Chess lover, you will love Chess Free for Android. This game is also designed for both tablets and phones.

[Download Chess Free]

Glow Hockey 2

Who doesn’t love air hockey? Glow Hockey gives you good old fashion air hockey, but with awesome neon graphics. Also included is 2 separate tables to play on, with 4 seperate paddles and pucks. Awesome sound effects as well. Air hockey fans will truly appreciate this one. This game is addictive, you’ve been warned!

[Download Glow Hockey 2]

MX Moto (Lite)

Ride your motorcycle on a crazy track, pull of flips to get bonus points, race against your own ghost. When you crash and burn, you are able to drag your rider around the map. The difficulty level varies from easy to very hard. You can also purchase the full version which will get you more tracks, as well as remove ads.

[Download MX Moto Lite]

Pinball Classic

I’ve always wanted the classic pinball machine in my living room. The Guns N’ Roses pinball machine would be cool, or how about the Simpsons? Didn’t Tom Hanks have one in that classic movie Big? I don’t remember, but regardless the classic pinball game never gets old. Pinball machines might be few and far between nowadays, but it’s certainly not dead on the Android! A must have for the pinball wizards.

[Download Pinball Classic]

Tiki Golf 3D FREE

Love miniature golf? Check out Tiki Golf 3D with its stunning graphics and awesome gameplay. I found Tiki Golf 3D to be very challenging, and very impressive for a mini golf game. While all of your prize artifacts have been taken by the Tiki gods Lono and Kahuna, you must prove yourself in the mini golf games to earn them back. You will enjoy 3 playable modes which include Super Putt Putt mini golf, Pineapple Adventure and Time Trial. You get 2 worlds to choose from, Lono’s Beach and Kuhuna’s Volcano which can be unlocked. Enjoy 18 primary mini golf holes, as well as 19 alternative holes. Drive the ball like a race car using the Accelerometer! Guaranteed to keep any mini golf fan entertained.

[Download Tiki Golf 3D]

So there’s 10 non sucky games to keep you plugged into your Android for awhile! Isn’t it amazing how far we’ve came with gaming, and how much we can pack into such small devices? Do you think any of these games on my list suck? Any non sucky games you want to add to the list? Be sure to let us know. Also, make sure and check out 5 more free Android games that don’t suck at 411droid.com!

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