Amazon has a fantastic deal on the LG Tone Studio (HBS-W120), which is described as a wearable Bluetooth “personal speaker”. The product, which went on sale in March for around $230, can now be yours for exactly $134.56 or $95.43 off its list price. It has been on sale a few times so far on Amazon, but this is definitely the lowest price we have seen to date.

There is, however, one problem with the deal. It looks like Amazon doesn’t have the LG Tone Studio in stock at the moment, probably because of the high demand. You can still place your order, but you’ll have to wait for a month or two before the retailer ships the package to your address.

If you want to get the product sooner, the best option is to order it from Walmart where it’s in stock but costs a bit more, $150 to be exact. But the retailer is offering an additional store pickup discount in the amount of $18.13.

As a refresher, the LG Tone Studio features four speakers, two on top and two below the device. If walking around in public with loud music coming out of your neck isn’t really your thing, you’ll be happy to hear that the device also features in-ear headphones.

The battery will last up to six hours if you’re listening to music with the help of the speakers and up to 35 hours if you opt for the headphones. It’s also worth pointing out that you have the option of connecting two Tone Studios together, which will then play the same songs at the same time.

Those of you interested can get the LG Tone Studio from either Amazon or Walmart via a button below.

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