Zynga hiring to make Android games

by: James TromansSeptember 23, 2010
Farmville makers to make games for Android

Farmville makers to make games for Android

Those guys that make Farmville are at it again, but this time they have plans for Android. Although Zynga have not formally released any new and exciting titles yet, their website clearly has an advertisement for an Android developer. Check it out here.

The best candidates will have solid experience developing mobile applications utilizing for either iPhone or Android devices. Facebook platform and scaling experience is a huge plus.

This candidate will be addressing critical issues on some of our biggest game titles, which have several million users across multiple social networks. You must be able to write coherent, organized code and be comfortable working on a complicated code-base with high levels of abstraction.

This move makes complete sense as Google have recently invested in Zynga. It will be very interesting to see how Zynga get on with Android, and what games they bring to the table.

[Via Business Insider]

  • nopono

    Ha, they may as well have just said “we need some people to port our facebook games to android, the ones o the iphone just aren’t good enough with the small screen and lousy processor”