ZTE prepping a Windows Phone that could make the Galaxy Note 2 look small

by: Robert NelsonNovember 7, 2012

ZTE recently mentioned that they planned to sell 50 million smartphones in 2013. And while ZTE will probably see a fair amount of sales with Android smartphones, with a goal of 50 million — it may be good to spread the wings a little bit. After all, not everyone wants an Android smartphone. We suspect many of the readers may feel otherwise, but there are some other mobile operating systems that are really nice. One of those, despite not being all that popular, is Windows Phone.

Enter this recently posted image of a ZTE branded Windows Phone smartphone. The image was posted by Lu Qian Hao, who is a marketing chief with ZTE. The image of the phone did arrive with some details, however those same details may have brought some not so good news. You see, the handset is said to be sporting a 5.9-inch (1920 x 1080) Full HD display. This brings the question, Windows Phone 8 does not yet support Full HD displays which means that this handset is most likely running Windows Phone 7. Not to mention, that is a Windows Phone 7 logo on the bottom.

Otherwise, the only other detail given was that the handset will be equipped with DTS audio technology. So there you have it, a Windows Phone device that could challenge the size of the Galaxy Note. The question remains though, is this the real deal or simply a teaser. Otherwise, while the initial reaction would be to poke fun at the size of the display, remember people once did that with the Galaxy Note and look at how well that sold.

  • Wow, it will be a hit for Windows Phone fans

  • MasterMuffin

    Maybe this means that wp8 will get Full HD support and this is a teaser made by ZTE and Miccrosoft? Awesome anyway, I love wp8 (not as much as I love android, of course). :)

  • Topcat488

    Soooooo sorry, but the size alone does not make a great phablet… That S-Pen baby is the key that makes Samsung the king of the over 5″ category… And my next phablet will be that SG-Note III, you know the one that’s rumored to be 6.3″… But for now i’ll stick with my 5.3″ OG-Note, that fat 16:10 ratio soon to be upgraded with Air View & Multi Window (and much more) sweeeeet phablet… These are the things that will keep Samsung on top… Not just screen size.

  • John

    Microsoft confirmed this. Also, how could it run on windows phone 7? It only supports 800×480.