ZTE Nubia Z7 supposedly in the works with outrageous 6.3-inch display and 8-core CPU

by: AdrianJanuary 10, 2013


Though you probably didn’t pay much attention at that time, you might remember ZTE said back in October 2011 that the Nubia family of smartphones will include several high-enders. The first of these, dubbed Z5, got an unveiling soon after, but there’s been nothing in the rumor mill about any cousins, brothers or uncles.

That is until now, because we’ve just got word about a Nubia Z7 “beast”. As you might suspect, this is an even more outrageous device than the Z5 hardware-wise, being rumored to come with a 6.3-inch 2,560 x 1,440 pixels resolution display and an octo-core processor.

Wait, what, 6.3-inch panel with above 1080p resolution and an 8-core CPU? Is that even possible? Well, why not? Huawei’s just made the 6.1-inch Ascend Mate official, so bumping the screen with an additional 0.2 inches doesn’t sound that crazy. Meanwhile, Samsung’s taken the wraps off the world’s first mobile processor with 8 cores, so why wouldn’t ZTE get in on the fun (be it with or without Samsung’s help)?


Wishful thinking aside though, we have to admit we just don’t see ZTE capable of coming out with such a dreamy device so soon after the Nubia Z5 and Grand S. After all, we’re not talking about a giant company like Samsung that can work on many different devices at a time, but a much smaller one with probably a fourth of Sammy’s financial and human resources. Not to mention a 6.3-incher with such specs sounds like a huge risk in a Chinese market that’s still mostly focused on budget-friendly devices.

Okay, now you’re probably all bummed and depressed because of me, so I’ll stop with the rationalizations and get back in the “dreamatorium”. Where, according to GizChina, the Z7 also gets 128 GB of on-board storage, a 4,000 mAh battery that’s suddenly starting to sound so small, a 16 MP rear-facing snapper, a Mali-T658 GPU, Android 5.0 and 4G LTE.

As you can notice, even if we blatantly disregard the realities of today’s smartphone market, we still get a monster device that’s months or years away from an actual commercial release (the “possible” running of Android 5.0 hints on that). But wouldn’t the Z7 be so sweet if it were to come with all those goodies? No, really, would it or wouldn’t it be, seeing as not everyone seems to be convinced that bigger is always better?

  • rseys

    Nah too outrageous…

    • Arnold

      That’s what they said about the original note 3 years ago. With Samsung/LG/Huawei and ZTE, anything is possible. You only have to look at that Changsha building along with other infrastructure projects (High Speed rail for example) across and the Seoul Hub Financial Centre in South Korea with 600 plus metre buildings being planned to realise that the countrymen of these OEMs think ahead and when they say they’re going to do it, rest assured you’d better believe them.

  • Ugo Marceau

    6.3 inch phone ? I think we’re getting there.
    Not so long ago the first Note was already “way too big”. And now the Ascend Mate is 6.1. If it’s a year away then yes. I would be interested if the price is right.

  • MasterMuffin

    Those are totally possible specs… IN 2014! :D

  • Evan Wickes

    i’d like it as a tablet…haha. the size is too big for a guy to carry so its basically just for chicks but chicks generally dont use huge phones. not sure what market they are aiming for.. business?

    • Bruce Gavin Ward

      they are not ‘chicks’ they are women; and since i carry my phone in my ‘purse’, i would have no problem keeping such a device ‘inHand’.

      • Evan Wickes


  • Bruce Gavin Ward

    the comment that there is no market for this level of phone/portableComputer in China is i think, both right ‘and’ wrong; even though the majority of the Asian market seeks entry, or mid level devices, there is a huge number of very rich people in China, anxious to prove their status with the most obvious of flashy toys; and perhaps ZTE is wisely looking at the northAmerican market to peddle top end ‘stuff’ to a whole lot of people who have the disposable financial capacity to absorb every new advance. [is ZTE coming to America?]

  • andy

    That PPI is totally unnecessary.
    1600×900 is the limit of human eye on 6.3″.

    • Harris

      They’ll do it either way. Doubt they care what we think.

  • Xitron

    Battery will have to be the size of a briefcase with all those procs churning away. :-)