ZTE Nubia X6 has a 6.44-inch display, also features 13MP front and back cams

by: Andrew GrushMarch 26, 2014


The act of taking self-portrait photos using your front-facing camera and then uploading them to the web is a practice that’s pretty common everywhere in the globe, but there’s little denying that China in particular seems to be a big fan of selfies. That’s probably why most of the phones coming out of China have front-facing cameras with megapixel counts in the 5+ range.

With that in mind, ZTE’s upcoming Numbia X6 is about to blow all other front-facing cameras out of the water. The handset packs a whopping 13MP shooter on the front, with backside illumination and f/2.2 lens. On the back, you’ll also find a 13MP shooter though it has a f/2.0 lens, optical imagine stabilization and dual flash technology.

Moving past the crazy front camera, the rest of the specs are equally high-end. The Nubia X6 offers a Snapdragon 801 CPU with 3GB of RAM, and has storage options up to 128GB. There’s also a 6.44-inch display with a 1920×1080 resolution and a massive 4250 mAh battery.

Probably to nobody’s surprise, ZTE has yet to announce any plans for the handset outside of China, though it’s certainly possible the device could eventually make its way to other markets in Asia, and perhaps even to Europe. Odds are it will never make it way to North America, though.

For those in China, the handset is currently up for pre-order for HK5010, or roughly $645.78. What do you think, if the handset actually made it to your local market — would you be interested or not?

  • Dominick_7

    Sounds pretty cool. I need the Note 4 and anything Note for artistic reasons in using the sPen but id love to check this out and or see the Note 4 have a similar screen size.

    • 4runnerJones

      I agree, life is just so much better with a stylus, especially on a screen that size.

  • thor2001

    You forgot to mention, that the device is multiband-LTE-capable AND dualsim.


  • MasterMuffin

    6.44″? It may have room for crazy specs, but no thank you :)

    • AndroidBoss

      Yeah will never buy a ZTE no matter how good the specs are, plus that screen is way too big. Reminds me of my Z Ultra that I returned.

  • Bruno Rosa // TaRuGo

    WOW. Great Specs! Good Price too! Note 4, take care!

    • dodz

      we all know the note 4 is gonna blow everything when it comes out, just wish they wont use the band aid design in the s5. the least they can do it to use real metal on the chrome sides, but just leave the plastic back cover, had a problem with metal back covers, i had a blackberry once with a metal back cover, i accidentally dropped it and it dented and it wont fit back in the phone.

      • Brian Shieh

        I’m pretty sure the note will either be consistent with the design of the tablets (leatherette back, bottom speakers) or they will come out with something else. Samsung realizes that the Note should be a bit more premium than, say the Galaxy S series

  • thor2001

    I’m currently using a Coolpad 9976A (7″)…size does matter :D

    Would buy it, but we’ll have to wait until it’s available to buy (and ship internationally).

    The surcharge for international buyers will be interesting too.

    I’d love the X6 to have a removable battery and mSDXC-card slot.

    But hey, you can’t have everything.


  • Jayfeather787

    Damn. This is one beast of a smartphone. Well done ZTE. Specs for keeping up with the big dogs.

  • MadCowOnAStick

    not bad, not bad.

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    2nd paragraph typos image stabilization and Numbia