ZTE Grand S info leaked, official debut at CES 2013

by: Varun RajDecember 23, 2012


Phones with 5-inch, 1080p screens are increasingly popular these days. The HTC J Butterfly and HTC DROID DNA have already debuted in the market. Now ZTE’s upcoming Android powered smartphone, the ZTE Grand S, which is scheduled to be announced at CES 2013, has been leaked on the web. ZTE’s Grand S’s event is listed on the official CES 2013 website, which is going to kick off in the coming weeks.

The ZTE Grand S is scheduled to get an official announcement on January 8. The CES event listing not only mentions the official name of the device, but also reveals some interesting facts about it. According to the listing, the Grand S is ZTE’s flagship high-end device that will be the thinnest 5-inch full HD smartphone. The listing also reveals that the phone will be made of ceramic and feature traditional Chinese styling.

ZTE has already published the sketches of Grand S on Chinese social networking site Sina Weibo. The sketches suggest that the device will feature a unibody design with a camera hump on the back.

zte sketch grand s

With a number of devices with high quality displays hitting the market, including the two mentioned above and Sony Yuga and Oppo’s Find 5, 2013 is going to be quite a year when it comes to larger sized smartphones. Apart from the info already mentioned in this post, no other details about the ZTE Grand S, like specs, pricing etc are known at this point. Still, we won’t have to wait long to find out, as the phone will definitely get its official announcement on January 8.

What do you think of the recent trend of full HD displays on Android devices?

  • Jimmy Mackey

    This is certainly a most exciting development in cell phone technology now that they have made it the thinnest. I would like to see that ceramic exterior too, and “accidentally” test the durability if it fall on the ground (JK). I know my buddy at DISH loves to be the first to buy things like this and he’ll probably talk to the rep at CES about how to buy one. I love my Galaxy Note II because it has the largest screen available, 5.5-inches. I also use the Sling Adapter for watching TV on my portable devices when I’m away from home, using the DISH Remote Access App I downloaded. It works on my Android phone and iPad so I can watch more TV than I used to since I can watch anywhere I go.