ZTE Grand Memo aa 600 2

The ZTE Grand Memo, a new 5.7-inch Android handset unveiled at MWC a few days ago, happens to take the grand scandal title for this year’s edition of the popular Spanish show.

In case you missed it, ZTE announced that the Grand Memo would be the first handset in the world to pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. Why is that important? Because no flagship device from any of the main Android makers out there will equip that particular processor, which happens to be the top of the line Qualcomm SoC for this year.

Devices like the HTC One and the LG Optimus G Pro pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 CPU and even the Galaxy S4 is said to use the same processor, at least in some versions.

That’s why having ZTE say the Grand Memo would use a Snapdragon 800 processor was a very important, and unexpected, revelation.

However, things turned sour when it was discovered that the Grand Memo would not come with the Snapdragon 800, not even the Snapdragon 600, as ZTE claimed later on, but with a Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU.

But now we hear that ZTE may indeed launch multiple Grand Memo versions which will not be completely similar. Some of them may indeed pack a Snapdragon 800 SoC, which could make the Grand Memo the first device in the world to use Qualcomm’s top of the line mobile processor – unless someone beats ZTE to the punch.

ZTE is yet to tell us what Grand Memo versions will come with the flagship Qualcomm CPU on board and when that will happen, although considering that the Snapdragon 800 is only expected to hit OEMs in the second half of the year, you may be in for quite a wait. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor is also in the cards for certain Grand Memo models. Moreover, some of these devices will come with 1GB of RAM, while others will have 2GB under the hood.

While we wait for the first Grand Memo versions to hit stores, ZTE has plenty of time to make sure such PR disasters don’t occur in the future. After all, this whole mess could have been avoided before becoming the MWC 2013 scandal.

Will you buy the Grand Memo this year? Are you ready to wait a while for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 model?

  • Lupin

    So..how about the fact that they lied about the specs of the phone..like Chinese are always Chinese, can’t trust them!

    • fafeaf

      Fucking racist… Don’t forget almost all of your products are made in China, asshole.

      • Mike A

        By mega corporations, who use over worked, underpaid labors. Many of which could be underage also. Mega Corps are controlled by their government, and we all know governments lie.

    • Twisted247

      For one they didn’t lie, as this article proves they will have models with 2gb of RAM as well as models with 1gb of RAM. Also they will have multiple models with processors in different models coming with snapDragon 800, SnapDragon 600, and the SD s4 pro… So just because they didn’t IMMEDIATELY tell the public that they’d be releasing multiple models and the general public jumped the gun calling them liars and con artists isn’t their fault..

    • APai

      apparently they care about low cost devices and try to get them out to the market as soon as possible. however, perhaps they are starting to mature and rushing specs to the market might hurt their brand, so they had to fallback to older trusted and optimized SoCs. I’d see this as a win for customers. if not for these “chinese” guys, we’d never see lower cost devices. companies like apple/ sony/ nokia and others would gladly like to shaft us with high prices. you don’t have to buy a ZTE – but you should thank them that they pose as a viable competition

    • Simon Belmont

      I think that statement is pretty unfair. A huge blanket statement.

      Your comment borders on just being a troll comment. Pretty sad.

  • Ivan Myring