Zicam Cold & Flu Companion

Zicam Cold & Flu Companion

The makers of cold and flu medication Zicam have released an application for Android that lets users monitor the risk of catching a cold or the flu in their specific area.  The free application is available from the Android Market and will provide risk information based on the ZIP code that the user enters.

The app tells users what percentage of people in their ZIP are currently suffering, and will also report what the most common symptoms are and what people should be on the lookout for.  The app even offers coupons for Zicam’s products – which is the real reason they developed the app, I’m sure.

Either way, it’s free and might provide information that can be of real use.  We don’t know exactly how the data is being generated, perhaps being culled from doctors offices and hospitals, but still – it can’t hurt to at least get coupons and directions to the nearest retailer.

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