Zens to release wireless charger for Samsung Galaxy S3 in September

by: Bams SadewoAugust 2, 2012

Samsung pulled all the stops when it brought the majestic Galaxy S3 out from its secret chamber back in May. Aside from the actual handset, another thing that grabbed people’s attention the most was the wireless charging kit. We then quickly learned that the wireless charger won’t be produced in time for the phone’s launch and the gadget was rumored to come only in September.

With the Koreans keeping mum on the availability of the charging kit, Galaxy S3 owners who want to free themselves from the oft-tangled mess of old school chargers may want to look at third-party solutions. That’s the cue for Zens to come in and try to impress with the company’s wireless charging battery cover for the Galaxy S3.

Like the official product, the bundled Zens wireless charging solution comes with a battery cover, available in both Pebble Blue and Marble White, and has been designed to resemble the original rear cover – save for the replaced Samsung logo – and a charging pad. The latter is where users can place their Galaxy S3 on to refuel the phone.

From the promotional pictures, it seems they have managed to recreate the look of the Galaxy S3’s back cover – but we’ll reserve our judgment until we see the finished product or at least pictures of the product in real life.

According to Zens, they will release the wireless charger in September for €69, or the equivalent of $83 – dangerously close to that rumored September release of the official accessory. Guess we’ll see if Zens can deliver the charger ahead of Samsung’s.

Do you see yourself using a wireless charger for the Galaxy S3?

  • Evan Olfert

    I like the look of Zens wireless charger compared to the official Sammy version.

  • palmprelover

    Coming to the GS3 from my much beloved Palm Pre (the first phone with native inductive charging – 3 years ago) I will definately be getting this.

  • It is really convenient

  • Anderson

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