Sony Xperia Z2 20.7MP camera and 4K video shown off in shots of Tokyo at night

by: Jonathan FeistMarch 12, 2014
Z2 20.7MP camera in Japan

The Xperia Z2 went for a little walk about Tokyo, snapping up beautiful photos of the night and some 4K video too. The Chinese blog Ring HK shared the 20.7MP photos and short 4K video clip on their site. They were sure to let us know that the Z2 in use was an engineers test unit, not the finished retail unit that you or I will eventually put in our pockets.

The Xperia Z2 will come equipped with Sony’s 20.7MP Exmor RS sensor and these photos appear to be just that. Photo details show camera model D6503 running software version 17.1.A.0.504_9_f200. The photos themselves come in at 5248 x 3936 pixels, weighing about 9.3MB each. Click any photo below to see fullscreen slideshow, but be forewarned, it contains a good number of large images and may take time to load.

20140306_xperia_z2_night_shoot_pic07 20.7MP

As for that 4K video, just a normal downtown Tokyo intersection shot at 3840 x 2160 resolution. The video recorded in the MP4 format using H.264 with AAC audio. 43 seconds of footage ran a mere 297.9MB of space. Now prepare your eyes for ultra HD video and hit play.

Cameras on smartphones are getting pretty interesting. We took a look at an apparent 50MP photo from the OPPO Find 7 last week. At MWC we were able to test drive the 16MP camera of the Galaxy S5 and the 13MP shooter on the LG G2 Pro. Not to be left out, HTC has been teasing their new HTC One with some sort of improvements to their UltraPixel technology.

For the remaining photos and the Chinese descriptions, checkout Ring HK’s website. What do you think, are smartphone cameras getting to the point that we can leave dedicated shooters to the professionals?

  • The video is better despite the fact that it doesn’t have optical image stabilisation (OIS). However, I expect Sony to roll out a camera update for their pictures because you can still see abit of noise and it seems abit pixelated.

    • anGel_pLayer

      I would still love to have a Z2 thoough… That picture quality is way way better than my P880…

      • yup, me too. Considering between the Z2 and the new HTC One,

        • George Av

          If the new HTC one still has the stupid 4mp camera that’s a killer for me. It’s between the s5,z2,g3

    • Colby Leong

      Seeing as SOny take on this new 6 month cycle, I am excited to see how Samsung’s ISOCELL Camera performs, and, if successful, how Sony tries to take it on with the Z3. However you can’t forget about the new HTC One’s dual camera sensors, and the possible 50MP Oppo Find 7

      • We’ll be doing a very extensive comparison – from a camera perspective – of the Z2 and S5. We’re just as curious as all of you!

        • Mohammed Azoz

          and between all these comparision , who took advantage :P :D D D

        • bdsgaf

          Camera comparison between Z2,S5,HTC M8,Nokia Lumia 1520,1020 Please ! so i can decide what to buy :D
          would be the best battle ever tho !

    • Castor

      look at the ISO performance. at ISO 120-200, the photos look really sharp. those that you find having noises are in ISO 800+. if you compare that ISO performance to other devices, it’s much better. (yes i downloaded the photos from the original source to be able to view the exif data)

      hence, if you want less noise, ditch superior auto and go manual. be sure to set your ISOs lower. superior auto tries to make images brighter thus opting for higher ISO, albeit unnecessarily.

      just shoot manual and you’ll get amazing shots. you can’t do anything much about the movement blurs, though.

  • Andrew White

    Difficult to see any difference except to say the night shot photos were very sharp considering the low light. The video was well…..just another video.
    Yes my phone does have a 1080p screen. Too be fair, anyone viewing either would need a native QHD resolution screen or higher to pass judgement.
    Bit of a pointless exercise really. It is up to you the writter/reviewer or editor to check it out live in front of a 4k TV and give us your score, preferably out of 10 in conjuction with an in depth analysis.
    My question is ‘Will all of the 4k flagship smartphones reproduce video equally and easily (without too many setup issues) on any of the UHD TV’s currently on the market’?

  • Andrew White

    I have a 1080p screen on phone and don’t see any improvement. To appreciate the higher resolution photos and video you would need at least 2k or higher preferably on a 4k TV to realise the difference.

    • Jan Morrida

      I totally agree with you!!!, its getting a bit out of hand now, in my opinion. I have the LG G2 and like it alot, except the speaker phone and the video audio, too dang low. I had the Motorola Atrix HD before my upgrade, and my atrix, speaker quaility kicked butt.

  • Clint McKay

    4K is under development still. TV screens are different. They can handle the high resolution. I try playing the 4K video on youtube and it stutters and freezes and whatnot!! It’ll be stable by the year end, though I wonder who’s gonna film videos in 4K when the output for a 43 seconds video is 298mb!@#$

  • el_sur

    I actually wish the Xperia Z series of phones would record video at 24fps. I personally prefer that “cinema” look in video.

  • Jan Morrida

    Hello to all, does anybody know the exact release date for the sony xperia tablet z2?

  • [S]unjay Burn[s] Red

    This camera is amazing, I just need to have this phone.

  • Ash

    It’s a shame superior auto doesn’t make use of the 20 mp resolution and instead captures the images in 8 mp. Does anyone know the reasoning behind this?

    • Jonathan Feist

      I do not have any official answer, but my personal speculation is that they do not feel there is enough processing power to handle it smoothly. It only needs to lag in one of either the capture, processing or saving to disk to ruin the experience. OR, as I suspect has happened with HTC’s 4MP camera sensor, they simply have not put in the R&D to upgrade it (yet?)

      Again, these are guesses, and bad ones at that. Sorry I can’t help.

      • Ash

        Someone did mention in a video review I watched that something called ‘Super-sampling’ is performed. To do with using the 20 mp camera to catch more light to pack into a 8 MP image – I don’t know the ins and outs but as I understand it, a higher quality image is produced this way (than possibly a raw 20 MP image?)