YouTube testing the waters with paid channel subscriptions in the spring

by: Brad WardJanuary 29, 2013


YouTube is slowly replacing cable television. Especially with the rise of the Google TV. They may just be looking to take things a step further though. AdAge reports that YouTube will be expanding this spring by offering a premium subscription service for individual channels.

YouTube already offers paid content such as streaming movies and popular television shows. The company is looking to take paid content a step further though. It is said that they have reached out to a small group of producers asking that they create paid channels. These channels will reportedly cost viewers between $1 and $5 a month. At this point, this is just a experiment for YouTube. That is why the initial group of channels could be limited to 25.

Partners that take advantage of having a paid subscription will have the option to include ads. Revenue split between these channels and YouTube has been said to be similar to the current advertisement strategy with Google Adsense.

This is a great news for those who make YouTube a full time job. In fact, it may make it easier to get a full time job as a content creator on YouTube instead of having to depend on advertisers’ fluctuating pockets now. If YouTube extends this offer to all of its partners, would you be willing to pay between $1 and $5 for your favorite YouTube channels?

  • Matthew Brown

    I could see where it would be possible to say if channels associated with Movies, Music and TV could benefit from this like with exclusive interviews and what not, but apart from a few stupid people no body is going to pay to get the content. That is what makes YouTube so great, the amount of content that you get for free! If the FineBros or iJustine started saying “Unless you pay $5 a month, you can’t watch my videos” image how many people that would slash off their views not to mention the international restrictions regarding payment.

  • Jonathan Unicorn

    I would subscribe to my MOST favorite, but probably jump ship on some I don’t feel are worth paying for.

  • I think if you made it so that you pay one fee & you get like 20-25 premium channels plus like 10 of your choice for $5-10 and there was some kind of incentive like premium exclusive content or getting to watch new episodes before anyone else then I’d more incline to do so.

  • Ostrich Manatee

    If something has ads it should otherwise be free. I am paying by watching ads. Remove ads and then charge, but then who replaces Youtube?

  • barimos

    I always vote down uploader that put ads on the beginning of video.
    Just saying.

  • Tricky

    i have mixed feeling about this…. in one hand the money from the subscribers would help fund a higher production and more polished webisodes would be a consequence. how ever so far there no one i would pay to subscribe to on youtube but im on it at least 15-20 times a day. maybe add a donate button or something if you want but if i have to pay to see crappy version of comedians then good-bye youtube!