Rumour: Subsciption service coming to Youtube as early as this week

by: Adam KoueiderMay 6, 2013


It looks like 2013 could be the year that Google gets serious about content. It already has Google Play and Youtube, but it seems as though Google’s taking a few more steps towards being your one-stop destination for digital content. Now, the rumored Youtube subscription service may be edging ever closer to reality.

According to the Financial Times, the new subscription based service could be rolled out as early as this week. Pricing is slated to start at $1.99 per month, with up to 50 channels looking to utilize the subscription based model. Google has already implemented code references in the Android application, so it seemed like a matter of time before it announced the service.

With a rumored music service possibly coming to Youtube before the year is out, it seems Google is ramping up its efforts in making Youtube a place for professional video, rather than just the amateur content it has become famous for. Last week Eric Schmidt claimed that television had already been replaced by the internet, and this news further backs up his claim.

With Google I/O less than two weeks away, it would be the perfect time for Google to announce the subscription service. Watch out Netflix, Google’s got you in their sights.

Would you be interested in a subscription based Youtube service?

  • Keith Win

    This is cheaper than Cable. I am down for subscription to 24 hr International and/or business news as well as premium TV shows and poss movies.

    • You also get a lot less content than cable. Even if the person you’re subscribed to puts out a video every day, it’s likely that it won’t be longer than 10 minutes. I don’t really like the idea of paying to subscribe to someone that gives us free content because they make money through partnership and/or ads, but pretty much all of my favorite YouTubers have already said that they wouldn’t be switching to this.

  • awdwhip

    I would pay 1.99 a month IF the quality of content went up and if the people with popular channles post only in HD and not in SD.

  • Jalok

    Well if this happens, then I will say that Google is doing good for me by eliminating my YouTube addiction. Hell no that I would be paying subscription fees.

  • themba allen

    No, definitely not!!!!

  • AnyManCan

    $1.99 to subscribe to current posters free content? Per month? No thank you.

  • NateCress

    Yes! I’d love to see a YouTube service that competes with Netflix and others.

  • Only way I would subscribe to this is:
    A) Its a flat rate (depends on what the price covers how much I would pay) and doesn’t changed based on what I subscribe to
    B) They allow us to watch TV channels (similar to Google Fiber TV package?)
    C) If I do pay, then the free videos have less or no ads
    D) If we have to pay to watch the video then it has to offer HD.
    E) For the hell of it throw in live TV, and local free TV(example: ABC, CBS, FOX)

  • Runz

    I would be down for it, but the main fear I have is that its contributing to a monopoly. I mean google has been succeeding in most fields that its tried its hand in without special treatment, but still… it just feels a little off. I get the “don’t be evil” thing, and their track record is good and have the same top level management…. yeah its just similar to Steam/Valve for me…

  • emocrazy

    Well, turns out everythings is about business and money, we love youtube because it’s free until this comes out.