Google will soon feature skippable ads on mobile video, could explain lack of built-in YouTube in iOS 6

by: J. Angelo RacomaAugust 24, 2012
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Apple is gearing to launch its next major update to the iOS platform — along with a new device, if the company’s product cycle is followed. One of the interesting developments in iOS 6 is how Apple seems to be shunning Google services in favor of other service providers. These include YouTube, which has been a mainstay on the iPhone since the first generation. There’s also Maps, which will be replaced with an in-house Maps app.

But even if Apple seems to be ditching Google’s services, the big G doesn’t seem to mind. While this has been mind-boggling for some time now, it seems Google is not unhappy about the seeming divorce from iOS because of its launch of mobile ads.

Google has announced the launch of TrueView in-stream video ads for the mobile YouTube app. If you’re familiar with those skippable ads on the desktop version of YouTube, this works the same way. Users can still skip past the video ad, but only after five seconds.

It seems Google will actually benefit from being able to independently release its standalone iOS apps instead of having built-in apps co-developed with Apple. Google will be able to have a more frequent update schedule, and can ensure a unified user experience across different platforms and devices.

And it’s not just about update cycles. Google reportedly earns more from the Apple iPhone than Android smartphones, at least from apps and ads.

So it’s a win-win situation for Apple and Google, after all. It’s also a good way for businesses to reach out to potential customers through video ads. But as for users who don’t exactly like having to watch an ad before an actual YouTube video, then the “Skip Ad” link is at your disposal.

  • [anonymous]

    When will Apple make its own YouTube-like program?? If thy can make iMessage, they can make this.

    • ScrewApple

      Hopefully never.

    • Mikel Syn

      oh definitely not. then their itunes store will become totally obsolete.

      • [anonymous]

        Why? People download quality apps from the App Store and would upload videos to this Apple video hub.

      • [anonymous]

        Why. People download Music on iTunes for easy offline access to high quality music (unless they use iCloud, I think that is a bit impractical though). People use the internet for music when they are willing to use their cellular data and wait for it to load, even if it is instant because of great LTE, it means use of more data.