YouTube for Android update integrates Google+, improves TV controls

by: J. Angelo RacomaFebruary 23, 2013

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The beauty of Android is its tight integration with Google’s ecosystem of products and services. Not everything is instantaneously available, but the search giant does add in important integration in its product updates. For instance, we recently learned that the YouTube app for Android has been updated to integrate Google+.

Among other incremental improvements, the YouTube app version 4.3.9 includes integration with Google+. You can now use your Google+ profile when commenting or liking videos. Also, YouTube has fixed the “fullscreen button bug” which some might have experienced while switching across fullscreen mode.

Another feature is the TV playback controls directly available on the notification bar. This gives you easier access to YouTube playback even while switching across apps. This will come in very useful when you’re watching YouTube videos through a paired TV and you want to use another app.

As usual, you can update your YouTube app from Google Play right on your device, or you can initiate the update from your browser through Google Play on the web.

Image credit: Korosirego/Flickr

  • brady

    The pairing I do on my Samsung bluray player on Youtube using my Nexus 7 is horrible. It makes me cry.

  • Rotation extra space bug is still there!

  • Guy De Vos

    I’d love to see them fixing the many bugs instead.