YouTube Android app update comes with easier access to subscriptions

by: Bogdan BeleApril 5, 2013

YouTube Android app update

A YouTube Android app update has been made available by the video streaming service (that recently passed the one billion monthly users mark) and, while it doesn’t bring any huge changes, it does include some pretty useful new features.

The Android app allows users easier access to the latest video uploads from channels they’re subscribed to, which is done through the “My subscriptions” feed. The new option, while it may not look like much, brings everything from your channels in one place, so you don’t have too look through all the separate channels. Users will be happy to hear that the new YouTube Android app update also fixes a bug that caused the app to sign out of some accounts at times.

The new update also caters to video creator channels, as it offers YouTube One Channel branding – YouTube’s method of branding channels and making them look similar on all devices, which also includes things like the possibility to have a channel trailer that’s only shown to non-subscribers.

Also included in this update are the customary bug fixes and stability improvements.

Do you think the My subscriptions option in the update will be useful to you?

  • MasterMuffin

    The biggest thing for me is the bug fix that fixes the damn auto logging out. There was also another new thing in the update. When you go to some channels (not all), you can see their cover art. NigaHiga for example. Mine doesn’t show and neither do my friends, but maybe the most popular channels got their cover art to the app in the latest update

  • Sean Bunquin

    about the “easier” access to subscriptions, it’s actually not, because the configuration before allowed to show the recent uploads of your subscriptions instantly upon opening the app, now you have to do that manually every time you boot the app, which is minor, but a hassle nonetheless

  • Guy De Vos

    I would much rather see Google fix ALL the bugs.