You Might Be Able to Throw Away your Charger Sooner Than You Think

by: Carl FieldMarch 25, 2011

At this years CTIA spring show, a new type of cell phone charger was unveiled that will blow you away. If you hate cords and chargers like I do, your going to love this new device. It might not totally eliminate the need for a charger (yet), but it will greatly improve your battery life. On some devices like the nook, it may eliminate it completely.

Enter French startup company “Wysips” and their innovative approach to charging your phone. What they bring to the table is the worlds first transparent photovoltaic film. Think a screen protector that can charge your phone and you get the picture.

The company claims it will be super-thin and very similar to a screen protector. They also say you will have no issues using the touch screen and it will be compatible with glasses free 3d devices. So how does it work? It converts any surface into a photovoltaic array, taking light from the sun or any nearby light source and charging your phone. You will have a constant trickle charge where there is light, greatly improving your battery life.

Cell phones nowadays have large screens, and they keep getting bigger.  When you throw tablets, e-readers and possibly laptops into the mix, you have a huge market for the product. This new technology will save energy and revolutionize the way we charge our phones. Another plus is the price. The company claims that it will only add around a dollar to the cost of the phone.

Don’t get rid those chargers just yet. It’s not out yet, but they expect the product to be ready for release in 2012.  I for one, am extremely excited about this new technology and it’s possible applications for the future.

Do you think this will be a hit or one of those inventions that is talked about, but never see’s mass production?

Via – Engadget

  • Giorgis

    Amm .. how often do you leave your phone alone in the sun ?

    • Darcy Alexander

      The question you should be asking is – how often would you leave your phone in the sun if it could charge that way?

    • Voodoo

      kinda late but, what the heck. No need to put in the sun It uses any light source so if they put it on the screen it should convert some of that light into voltage, behaving almost like a closed system never losing power, but not quit. The more you use the more it should charge. The screen is the biggest battery hog on most phones so this should balance out a lot better for battery life.

  • Timmy

    Can i put this stuff on my windows in my house and reduce/elimnate my electricity bill? How about using it on a car to save on gas.