Yet Another Verizon 4G LTE Nationwide Outage

by: AlexanderDecember 28, 2011
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Many other Android websites including Droid-Life and Phandroid have reported that for the third time this month, Verizon is having a network outage. According to Twitter, the outage seems to be pretty sporadic with some in NYC having no issues while others are. Phoenix, Minneapolis, Detroit, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco and Portland are also being reported as down.

While writing this, it looks like 3G has come back alive in most areas, but if you toggle to LTE to check if you have 4G again you may lose all connectivity. As always, Android Authority will keep you updated on this as we learn more. Verizon has not yet posted anything on Twitter, but we expect once this is resolved that we will see a tweet from their support team.

Hopefully, Verizon can get this problem fixed so there aren’t so many network outages in 2012, I am not a Verizon customer, but I am very sure their customers hate seeing this. Especially since this is the third a third outage in a month, on the most reliable carrier in the US.

If you’re having trouble with Verizon’s network comment below with the city and state you are in.

  • Michael

    3G/4G intermittent or down most of the day in Albany, NY. Still down. (4G RAZR)

  • Bmclegg

    Still down in San Diego.

  • Richard N. Piper IV

    Still down in southern Illinois

  • Teachmehowtodougie9

    Still down in Tennessee.

  • amber

    Still down in pittsburgh.

  • VAguest

    Down in Virginia. Called them – they expect it to be up in 2 hours, nationwide problem they said

  • KYVerizonUser

    Still down in Louisville