Snapdragon 800 powered Xperia ZU crushes Antutu benchmark

by: Robert TriggsJune 17, 2013

Sony Xperia logo aa 10 1600

We’re eagerly anticipating the upcoming announcement of Sony’s Xperia ZU 6.4 inch smartphone, which is expected to come equipped with a speedy Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. For those who don’t know, the Snapdragon 800 is Qualcomm’s as of yet unreleased high-end processor which will replace the current Snapdragon 600 as its top of the line chip.

We’ve already seen a Snapdragon 800 benchmark result show up for a new Pantech handset and one for the rumored Snapdragon 800 Galaxy S4 model, which stole top place from the Exynos 5 Octa. Now another result has cropped up, this time for the Xperia ZU.

Again the result surpasses anything which is currently on the market, but the Xperia ZU result is easily the fastest Antutu benchmark yet; scoring a really impressive 32173. The processor used in the test was clocked at a reasonable 2265Mhz, which explains the slight besting of the 30133 score achieved by the 2150Mhz chip found in the Pantech device.


For the sake of some perspective, the Snapdragon 600 powered Galaxy S4 scored 25900 in our own tests, and the Exynos 5 Octa version currently tops our performance table with a score of 27417. So it’s safe to say, providing that this result is the real deal, that the Snapdragon 800 blows the current crop out of the water.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the device performs in the real world, fortunately there’s just over a week to wait until the Xperia ZU is officially unveiled.

  • Piyush

    benchmark doesn’t mean real world performance , optimization is essential. eg s4 lagged even with powerful processor.

    • MasterMuffin

      True, all AOSP roms get less in Benchmarks compared to TW roms, but the AOSP roms are still much smoother in real world usage. Lighter skins, please!

    • kascollet

      … and the iphone is a rocket with a puny 1.3Ghz dual-core.

      • joser116

        Sadly true

  • TheBruh

    My coed intramural football team will let me off the bench and start at mid-field if I get a phone that scores this high on antutu. please hurry up and release this phone SONY!

  • Avin

    With over 32000 points,,,,,,i don’t give damm about real world performance ,,,i know it’s going to buttery smooth in anything u throw to ti

  • Timmy

    UPDATE: Sony announced today that it’s new Xperia ZU will ship with Android 3.2 (Honeycomb) and pack 512 MB RAM. The massive 6.4″ screen will have a resolution of 480 by 320 pixels and offer a 1100mAh battery giving users a whopping 20 minutes of phone use (30 minutes on stand-by). Said a Sony representative “Did you see the size of the processor? That mutha can fly!” Sony will offer the new device on Mi Gente Mobile before releasing it to US customers.

    • MasterMuffin

      Oh Timmy, go back to The Muppet show (get it?? :D)

    • HardyHarHar

      UPDATE: Surgeons discovered that Timmy is an AI that runs on a Pentium 1 processor running on Windows 3.0 which is undervolted and underclocked for maximum life expectancy. We really regret to say that the calculations made by him is inaccurate. To compensate this inaccurate results we have decided to decomission him now and dump him to Wall E’s planet and we will be replacing him with a much better AI program called Simsimi.

  • SeraZR™

    with gr8 power, needs a gr8 battery :D

    • Gilles LeBlanc

      Specially if the home and back button are gonna be onscreen.

  • Ian

    Stop the madness. These phones are all useless without a proper battery. Enough. Snap Pro 600 800 1000 2000. 16, 32 cores. Dead in 5 hours! Rubbish.

    • Simon Belmont

      My wife’s HTC One with a Snappy 600 easily lasts all day (and then some), with heavy usage, and by all day, I mean 24 hours+. I’d say these newer SoCs are pretty power efficient.

      From what I’ve read the Snappy 800 is supposed to be even more power efficient. If your phone is dying in 5 hours, then you’re doing something wrong.

      • Ian

        Lol. Doing something wrong? Thanks Steve J. The 5 hours is screen on /use time. I’m sure it would last 3 days with the screen off. I doubt your ‘heavy usage’ claim. – HTC One

        • Simon Belmont

          So, it’s come to the point where anytime someone says “doing something wrong” that they’re now associated with Steve Jobs? So, I guess you really do take a lot of stock in what Steve Jobs had to say, then, didn’t you, since you value his commentary so much.

          You can doubt me all you want.. You’re just some random dude on the Internet and you have no real way to validate or invalidate my claims and I lack the time or motivation to prove them to you. By the way, 5 hours of screen ON TIME on a smartphone is not bad at all. If you’d been more specific in the first place, you wouldn’t have had to waste your time acting like a child in your reply.

    • Ivan Budiutama

      sad but true. yes, with more functional use, the mobile device has been used more on screen, even with battery saving mode (that only useful when the screen is off) the more dominant use on screen kind of rendering this mode less useful. Reading Android news lately, it seems only Intel concerns about Power Usage vs Performance balance. Let’s hope more and more OEM realize this. Can’t wait the Lenovo K900 release :P

      • Leonardo Rojas

        Yeah. Lenovo K900 international version. *-*

  • Sky Ang

    watch out note 3

  • Leonardo Rojas

    “For the sake of some perspective, the Snapdragon 600 powered **Galaxy S4 scored 25900** in our own tests, and the **Exynos 5 Octa version currently tops our performance table with a score of 27417**.

    It’s a bit sad you don’t mention anything at all about the Intel CPU powered Lenovo K900 scores; which in a raw Antutu test easily scores 28000. (Yeah, *more* or equal as these Qualcomm and Exynos processors, yet being Dual Core only.)

    That would give users a wider perspective not only in processors but in brands. That would benefit all of us not only Samsung and Qualcomm.

    The Lenovo K900 when optimized and updated for its international version (hopefully soon) will crush this “records”. Users and developers are already working on it at XDA. They reported some minor software issues due to the version for China market, but have got an updated ROM which is giving them easily a -entire- day of moderate use.
    So to say, this is a worthy mention.

    – L.