Sony Xperia Z2 features overview (MWC 2014)

by: Robert TriggsFebruary 28, 2014

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Sony’s new Xperia Z2 is one of the best looking devices that we’ve seen at this year’s MWC, so let’s take a closer look at some of the smartphone’s features and the new and improved Android 4.4 based Sony UI.

We can’t stress enough just how nicely designed the Xperia Z2 really is, both in terms of look and feel. Sony’s new handset is a sleek, sturdy feeling device, with softer, curved edges, which really helps the device sit comfortably in your hand. The Xperia Z2 maintains a very similar appearance and the same dual glass finish as Sony’s previous flagship smartphones. The handset’s water resistance works a treat too.


Sony has also done a great job tweaking the new Android 4.4 KitKat operating system. Whilst the company has added a couple of its own features, which we’ll take a look at in a minute, for the most part Sony’s UI offers an experience that’s very similar to stock Android, which really helps when it comes to performance. The Xperia Z2 remains silky smooth when transitioning in and out of various apps.

One tweak that Sony users will notice is the new quick settings drop down menu, which can also be easily edited to feature the settings that you’re likely to use most frequently. The “small apps” menu and the favorites bar offer up some efficient ways of navigating to your most used content. Sony has also done some work prettying up Android with its own sleek transitional animations.

Sony Xperia Z2 UI

Sony isn’t holding back with its first party apps either. The company has made some slight tweaks to the Walkman and Gallery apps, helping to keep things more organized than ever. The apps have also been updated to include new pull-over menus, in keeping with the new Android 4.4 design. The Walkman app is also seamlessly integrated with Sony’s own unlimited storage service.

Overall, we are very impressed with the smartphone’s look, feel, software, and performance. The Sony Xperia Z2 is certainly one to watch.

  • Mike Bastable

    Significantly less in depth than Robert’s S5 encylopedia posts but nice to see some Sony coverage..more pics etc next time maybe?

    • MasterMuffin

      S5 just has so many features compared to Z2 :D

      • Mike Bastable

        always good to get a comment from the master!
        features used to be called bloatware didnt it>??

        • MasterMuffin

          Yup, I should have written features woth quotes :)

  • Suthan Sivekumaar

    This phone’s specifications are really amazing! The 20.7 MP Camera, 3 GB Ram, the Quad-Core 2.3 with Snapdragon 801.

  • Jesse

    Really wish they had a similar size to the LG PRO 2. The Ultra is to big and don’t have the specs this phone has. Still considering this for my next phone. It’s between this and the Pro2, just need to test them out and wonder if I could actually be satisfied with the smaller screen.

  • Andrew White

    Really what’s not to like about this improved more refined device.
    . vastly improved screen
    . near best quad processor
    . 3GB of ram
    . real world practical sizing
    . quality materials and finish
    . water and dust proofing
    . 4k video recording/playback
    . stereo speakers
    . a UI that is almost quintessential
    . equal best camera
    . SD card support
    . Kitkat
    I’m still holding off on any purchase to see whether Samsung produce a premium version of the S5 with an 8 core 64 bit processor and the rumoured curved screen.
    Or LG’s G3 has a 2k screen and other next gen attributes.
    It is shaping up as very tough choice, but it is a win win for any of us wanting a new flagship smartphone this year.

    • Clarence Alvarado

      Next generation would be the innovation of smartphone cameras. Sony will surely upping the ante to 1/2.0″ sensor with higher ISO capability. They are still, AFAIK, experimenting on that thin capacitor to be used for Xenon flash.

    • iFaitPlay

      It’s heavier than Note 1 , Note 2 , and even Note 3 (5.7″ and with SPen inside) LOL Note 3 is with 3GB memory too)
      IP58 is not as good as IP67 on S5.
      SD support is only 64GB(last year spec) S5 has 128GB support.
      Battery is big but no features as S5.
      Not swappable battery.
      No multi-window , resize display for one-hand, or other great features that Samsung provide.

      • Castor

        in case you don’t know. the 5 in IP58 is for dust resistance. the 8 is for the water resistance. the xz2 is more water resistant than the s5. seriously, who cares about dust resistance that much?

        so what if it’s heavier than note3? you’re too weak to life something that is only a few grams heavier?

        battery is bigger by 400mah. battery is sealed. if you drop it, the back does not snap off in the same way it would with a galaxy s5. a removed back automatically defeats waterproofing. if you’re under the rain and you drop your s5, say goodbye to water resistance.

        xz2 has a camera button. that makes it a good device for taking underwater or under the rain snaps. your s5 can’t be used to take photos underwater unless you make the volume rocker the shutter button, which is not intuitive and even uncomfortable if you are right handed.

        xz2 also supports 128GB
        http://www.anan dte ow/7813/sandisk-launches-128gbmicrosdat-mwc

        it has small apps for your multiple windows. besides, it’s easy getting apps to make the device do that.

  • Vincent Ho

    Still currently rock z1 can’t wait for this refining update to come to Canada. did the screen size stay at 5 inches? so they minimized the width? meaning its not as wide as my z1?