If you’re not already really impressed by the Sony Xperia Z1, stop reading and start watching.

The video cavalcade below explains, in typical Sony style, just about everything you want to know about the Xperia Z1.


  • Dusan

    Looks great on back and the sides, but look at video #2 at 1:00 when the woman is scrolling… that bezel… and still no front speakers. Why no front speaker with that bezel? It would redeem it.

    • YouAlmostHadMeSony

      My thoughts exactly. Sony…WHY use such huge bezels?! No buttons…no speakers….just a big slab of pointless glass taking up space. Both the new Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra look incredible, but those top and bottom bezels are too big for the Ultra, and could be used for stereo speakers on the Z1. Guess I’ll be going Samsung or LG again.

      • Isa

        Apparently the powerful camera is to blame for the big bezels. Small bezels have their advantage but I had a phone before with very thin bezels and a lot of times I accidentally opened/closed apps because the bottom of my thumb would accidentally hit the screen all the time.

        More importantly (for me) is how thin and light the phone is, since that is what you would feel most when carrying it in your pocket.

        BTW the prices are known here in Belgium. 699 EUR, similar to the launching price of the Galaxy S4 and the HTC one … except you get a Sony smart watch 2 on top if you pre-order … I must say I’m tempted to buy one!


    • Cao Meo

      Certainly Sony can do better, but this is by far the best phone of 2013

  • David Peterson

    That camera does look pretty amazing.

    Ironically what would make me want this would be a Google Play Edition … aaand that would also mean lots of the software behind the camera would be gone :(

    • SNAKE3Y3Z

      Hey! I dont know if you have used Sony’s UI or not but I find Sony’s android iteration to be similar to the stock android when compared with any other manufacturer out there.

      Personally, I find Sony’s UI better than Sense 5 or TouchWiz (both of them were replaced with Google Play Edition of their respective handsets).

  • Siphiwe

    SONY, I’m giving in. Just take my money please!

  • fafsaf

    Too plain looking.

    • peaceonearth

      Simplicity signifies real Beauty.

  • Leonardo Rojas

    I’ll probably get this one soon. It’ll be available in Peru n.n Probably, because I want the Z Ultra, for its size o.o

    • velvetmxo

      i have a note 2 and i didn’t get the ” i got to have that note 3″ that the note 2 did for me. and i hate that plastic back looking like leather. the z ultra looks the part.

  • Maher Salti

    If sony just had a phablet with the size of the Samsung Note series, the Z1 too small for my needs, the ZU a bit too large

    • brendan soliwoda

      I’m the same way, but for a phone like the Z1, I’m don’t mind at all giving up my note 2.

      • Maher Salti

        Wouldn’t you be missing the screen size of your Note 2? the Z1 looks amazing but I’m looking forward to a bigger screen from my gnex which I’m using right now. the ZU is a bit too big and it is missing flash for the cam which I use a lot..

  • Luka Mlinar

    I know people are gonna hate on me but between the Note 3 and the Z1 Sony took the win today.

    • lil bit

      Sony took all the respect. But Samsung take all the cash, again.

  • lil bit

    It’s… The winner. After Xperia Z I didn’t think Sony could repeat the superiority, but they did, and so far ahead. All Samsung did was to appear as a Apple clone… Again! Sure Sony dont have the best seller here but they won in every other way. Samsung won the dollars again but Sony walks away with all the respect, Samsung just walk away 3 steps closer to being the next Apple. Shame is all they earned today.

  • Bsneider

    huge bezels looks like a cheap chinese phone you can buy from chinabuye or something. Actually chinese phones look better like meizu mx3 and oppo phones. Sony doesnt know how to create phones with no bezels, they are always one generation behind in the smartphone industry. (i.e releasing duel core phones after everyone else moved onto quad core, quad core phones after even chinese phones are starting to use mtk octa core) This is why they are only 9th globally in mobile market share.

    • Bsneiderisabitch

      Are you the only person on Earth?, I mean that’s your opinion but what about the other Human being? Maybe you’re not a type of person that sony’s targeting, For me? Sony Xperia now a days has a great design, and about the cheap chinese phone what about Samsung? the front of their face has a cheaper look than the Xperia(s) and if you don’t have a good thing to say and if you’re fan of other brand then don’t comment here, the title says “THE XPERIA Z1 BY SONY”.

    • Gaz Almonte

      One thing. The bezels on the top and bottom become your handles once you are in landscape mode. is either you have software that ignores subtle touches around the screen edges or you have bezels for the owners to rest their hands while watching videos or playing games. I personally do not consider bezels the end of the world. I would argue more to the fact that their phone was too angular and sharp, made it tricky to hold after a certain amount of time (which supposedly they have fixed on this one) I am talking about the Xperia Z of course; which i have. You are talking about a phone that was made water and dust resistant without needing a case or anything, and all you can come and say here is that “sony doesn’t know how to make a thing bezel”. Come on man. This phone isn’t perfect, it has its faults. The speakers are not that loud and should be in the front somehow. The camera was good but the processing use to make too much noise in the picture. It kinda gets too hot for my taste when watching videos or playing games, but it has a lot more going for it than against it. It doesn’t copy from any other phone design. Its elegant (no one can deny that). The audio settings offer tremendous sound (according to my SE535’S). Under certain conditions the camera takes very impressive shots. The screen looks esplendid. Some people argue that it should have better viewing angles but why? who uses their phone with their hands stretched and looking at it at an angle or something. NORMAL people see and utilize their smartphones straight on. I actually think is a good thing since i dont always want to have whoever is near me having a good glance at what im doing. Its called privacy. If you have a crew watching a video in your phone at once then yeah, billy and tommy in the far corners aren’t going to get a good look. The operating system was a bit laggy at first. It would studer here and there but after the latest update its been streamlined. Its very hackable and its freaking Water Resistant. I’ve taken this bad boy to the beach numerous times. Recorded videos under water and during water park slides. I really like this phone. If you don’t like it, i guess you don’t have to. I just think this bezel issue is way overrated.

  • APai

    quite easily the Z1 is the best device available in the market, better than ANY other phone around

  • le_lutin

    Just about the only thing holding me back from buying this is the large bezels.

    • conor

      same , great camera looka amzing when phone is switched off but that huge bezel under the screen really turns me off from what would otherwise be the best looking phone on the market. might wait for the z2 and hope they fix it

  • Omran Terro

    My next phone :)

  • pauldrew18

    Announced almost at the same time as the Note 3, Zed1 definitely moved me more