Sony Xperia Z1 teardown shows how a world class device is put together

by: Nate SwannerSeptember 17, 2013


If you’re excited about the new Sony Xperia Z1, we’re with you. A brilliant screen, backed by world class specs — it’s easily one of our favorites this year.

Like any hotly anticipated phone, someone was bound to take it apart. That task usually falls on the ifixit crew, but the Xperia Z1 isn’t widely available yet, so they probably haven’t had the chance. This time, we turn to Chinese site CNMO for our teardown needs.

As you can see from the pics below, the Xperia Z1 isn’t easily disassembled. More to the point, don’t try this at home.

While nothing surprising came of the teardown, it’s always interesting to see how OEMs pack their tech into the package. The Xperia Z1 follows the tried-and-true screw-down method, unlike the Moto X and its clips. Of course, the Moto X needs to be customized and handled quite a bit, whereas the Xperia Z1 is meant to be a waterproof powerhouse out the door.

Check out the pics below for a better idea of what it takes to build the Xperia Z1, and the full complement of photos at CNMO. For those of you who are anticipating the US launch, Talk Sony is reporting that the device is currently passing through the FCC.

  • Spruce Cycle

    Ur title is misleading. I expected an examination of parts that would make it “world class” but u just linked to a story of a run of a mill teardown.

  • Garry DeWitt

    Thank you for the FCC story link. I’ve been waiting in a us release date and that’s better than nothing.

  • Fvck apple

    who makes the screen ?

    • garry

      If I had to guess: Japan Display Inc. for obvious reasons.

      (chief among them being that sony is a member)

    • Androidmandroid

      garry is correct, its actually a Japan Display Inc vIPHD1080L6-345 LCD Display which has a beautiful 1920×1080 resolution. (sorry for being nerdy)

  • rkz

    by far the best cell phone I’ve used since my days of Nokia 3310 haha

    and I’ve had HTC, Apple, Nexus, etc