Video: The Sony Xperia Z1 20.7MP camera in action!

by: Nate SwannerSeptember 6, 2013

Sony Xperia Z1 shot

How does a 20.7MP camera on a smartphone really perform? Will it take great pics, or is it just a bunch of empty promise packed into a compact shooter? Sony’s Xperia Z1 is the first Android smartphone with such a camera, and the pics you can take with it are world class.

While no smartphone will ever be a replacement for a dedicated camera, the Sony Xperia Z1 is about as good as it gets. The camera hardware is phenomenal, and Sony really brought their “A” game with the abundance of settings and filters you can give your shots. When you stack this up against a dedicated point-and-shoot device, the picture quality and functionality are on par with one another.

The video quality is also great, and the social media sharing capability is a wonderful real-world function. Check out the video, and let us know what you think? Is a world class camera enough to keep you wanting it, or has your attention been diverted by another device? For our money, the Xperia Z1 is worth strong consideration, even before we saw how sublime the camera is.

  • Jonny 5

    Pictures and video look impressive. This just might make me buy this phone over the Note 3

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    • ronnie

      I even thought so but note 3 got 4K as well as dual video

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    • Colby Leong

      Jesus comes down, grabs the phone and leaves. We all think its a good, thing, but we would have to wait for him to post his review first.

  • EnX$$

    androidauthority this is looks like an amazing phone and very nice camera. now you made me confused now i don’t know what to buy the eperia z1 or htc one max or note 3

    • Sohip

      Z1 my friend… and could you buy me one in your way?

  • Michele Gurrado

    Watching sample pictures from z1, i saw some weird digital artifacts in low light part of them. They are shaped as white or black lines disposed randomly on the shene. Why does sony uses such noise shaping?