Sony kicks off Xperia Z1 marketing with great new video

by: Nate SwannerSeptember 19, 2013

Sony Xperia Z1

The Sony Xperia Z1 can do just about anything you want, from underwater photos and video to live social sharing. To highlight those points, Sony has come up with a new video for the Z1, said to be part of a massive marketing effort kicking off tomorrow.

In the video, Sony craftily showcases both the utility and nuance of the operating system. Functions like Timeshift burst — which acts like a quick shutter on a traditional camera — are nice, but knowing how photo selection works on screen is also really useful.

While the advertising spot focusses heavily on the camera, it also showcases gaming and Sony’s Walkman service. As the tagline suggests, it really is the best of Sony, for the best of you.

XperiaBlog notes the ad was filmed in Barcelona, and will see over 25 markets. Availability information for the US remains elusive for the device, though it is available for preorder across Europe.

  • Leonardo Rojas

    Nice add. Now I’d like to see a features tour, like the Note 3’s video.

  • OMGgary

    The ad has had a strange effect on me. It makes me want to watch Homeland, cos the blonde girl kinda looks like Claire Danes. 10 more days! 10 more days!

  • z1FAILED

    the z1 is a failure just take a look at gsmarena review:

    -meh screen
    -failed battery life dispite the large battery
    -meh loud speakers
    -camera which is supposed to be it’s selling point isn’t even up to par with the s4

    • Italo Maeda

      about screen and camera i saw good reviews so far, not in arena but…
      loud speakers i didnt heard about and batery can be fixed with i minor update or a custom rom/kernel…
      check if the review dont come from a fanboy or you are not a fanboy ;-P

    • owenlyaiden

      from what you just said the camera must be abysmal considering the s4’s camera is one of the worst I have seen on any recent phone.

      • equalizerfan

        I have been so disappointed by the z’s batyery life that I doubt I will ever buy another sony phone.

    • inspire

      – meh screen? Arena has praised the screen well.
      – Failed battery? despite high endurance rating?
      – meh Loud speaker? did you check the sound review page? the response it produce is very good, probably not the loudest.
      – meh camera? just Arena’s review for camera is not good, everywhere else the camera is receiving quite good reviews!

      If you are trolling around for your beloved S4, thn please get a life!

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    That was actually a great ad. Better than Sony’s previous ads, showcases the handset in a kinda “lifestyle” way. Keep it up, Sony!