Sony makes the Xperia Z Ultra look even bigger in its latest commercial

by: Bogdan PetrovanJanuary 23, 2014

Nobody can accuse Sony of under-delivering with the Xperia Z Ultra. At 6.44-inches, the device is probably the largest device on the market right now that you can still call a phone with a (relatively) straight face. In fact, the Z Ultra is so large that Sony released its tablet version (Wi-Fi only) earlier this week in Japan.

The latest Xperia Z Ultra ad that Sony is airing in Japan showcases that beautiful Full HD IPS LCD display in all its glory. Using some clever filming techniques, the ad fools the eye into believing the Z Ultra is the size of a TV.

Not only is the ad driving the point home about the Z Ultra’s display, it also incorporates some of Sony’s other marquee businesses – TVs and filmmaking (Spiderman is a Sony Pictures production).

Because seeing is believing, Sony also released a making-of video that shows there was no CGI trickery at play. The soundtrack is priceless. Give it a watch.

If Sony’s Z Ultra tickles your fancy, but you prefer Google’s stock Android, you can get a Google Play edition of the device for a cool $649. If the device is simply too large for you, the Z1S (5-inch) and Z1 Compact (4.3-inch) are awaiting you on T-Mobile.

  • Jack Parker

    I’ve got the ultra and it’s the best decision I ever made

    • Marshall

      how is the camera and sound quality of the speakers ?

      • Jack Parker

        The loud speaker is more then decent, dont believe anyone who says any different.
        The camera is good at best in good, clear lighting, dont expect good shots at all in low light, the same goes for the front facing camera, although sony have loads of add ons for the camera, I.E theres an add on where you can take a photo close up and blur out the back, and thats just one example

  • Jayfeather787

    I can not understand a word of that video, but it was pretty cool.

  • antiochasylum

    Why no flash!? Arh.

  • Brandon Miranda

    That was the awesome at video I have ever seen. The both of them. They are truly brilliant commercials. It looks like we have to big people making tremendous ads now!

  • Siddharth Shukla

    Great commercial! One question, is the Z1 Compact really out for T-Mobile? Or is it just a mistake at the end of the article?

  • highdiver_2000

    ok, I will bite. What is the soundtrack?

  • madmills92

    sooooo much bezel abd soo much space for more screen but nope they just wanted the impression of a huge device without the cost of actually adding a truelly huge display