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Sony is making a comeback (we hope so), with pre-order sell-outs in several markets being a good sign for the Xperia Z. With expected sales of 50 million in 2013, can Sony become the third player in the industry?

I like the direction where Sony is heading, I really do. From the amazingly thin (yet unfortunately named) Xperia Tablet Z, to the way the Japanese have been treating the developer community lately, I think that good ole Sony has understood a few important things about what consumers actually want in 2013.

The Xperia Z epitomizes what a flagship device should look like (are you listening Samsung?), while its specs will satisfy the most demanding customers. The device has become available in several markets in Asia and Europe already, and according to industry sources quoted by Digitimes, it sold out in the pre-order phase in several important countries, such as Japan, France, Germany, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Now, we all know that “selling out” is no longer an indication of the commercial success of a device. Pre-order stocks can be manipulated, and some manufacturers have realized they can drum up some hype by creating a false scarcity. Still, I think Sony is better than that, especially now that it has a device that sells itself, thanks to its great looks and specs.

Check out our fresh review of the Xperia Z:

The same Digitimes report talks about Sony’s expectations for 2013, which include a substantial increase in the number of smartphones sold, from 34 million units in 2012 to 50 million units this year. Remember that Sony has recently vowed to become the third player in the smartphone industry, behind Samsung and Apple.

To achieve its lofty goals, the storied Japanese manufacturer plans to harness not only Android but also the feisty little Firefox OS. Sony is said to be releasing the first Firefox OS handset in 2014, but till then, the diminutive Xperia E got a taste of the new OS back at MWC.

Do you think Sony has a real chance at getting ahead of the pack in 2013?

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • SonyFan

    Yes definitly!

    The Xperia Z is a very good device (i own it) which is going to succes

    Wish best to Sony

  • gwga

    I don’t think the xperia z is how a flagship device should look like. Too simple looking, and while the glass looks nice, it’s fragile. The S3 looks weird at first since every smartphone out there has a straight-forward rectangular design, but after a while it looks really nice. The only thing I prefer is if Samsung uses a matte finishing instead of glossy.

    • A flagship doesn’t mean perfect in every aspect.
      And what do you mean by fragile? So far all the owners and youtube videos tell me that it’s the most durable beauty due to date.

    • krish

      ‘U JUST SHUT-UP’ who cares Samsung always copy from others.Sony xperia Z is super and it is next flagship devices were on doubt about it.

    • ryq24

      Why not take a few minutes or longer, maybe it also take a while to finally appreciate the beauty of this phone?

    • You must be blind if you think S3 looks better than Xperia Z! Samsung design ugly plasticy phones!

    • Lol. S3 looks and feels cheap. HTC and Sony looks premium and got high build quality. S3 is overrated just like Iphone. I cant believe these two dominated smartphone market.


    No removable battery lost me there but the phone looks hot but won’t be a major seller HTC and Sony need to put marketing dollars behind there phones reason why Samsung and apple are winning and Sony needs nation wide distribution every major carrier in the states should have it not just at&t

    • Some good points! Both Sony and HTC One are beautiful well made devices but they need to be advertised! Sony should have Z & ZL out in the USA Already

  • satsmine2k4

    Had the Xperia Z since last week and the experience till now is nothing short of “AMAZING”…

  • It’s hard to believe, but Xperia Z camera is not good.

  • Make.Belive to be Giant again

  • playbook

    I prefer Xperia Tablet Z than this.

  • Now that Kaz is in charge and his vision of One Sony can bring them great success! They are slightly behind Samsung in hardware but that will change soon. They know how to design beautiful hardware. Their software and updates are improving so 2013 could be a defining year for them! Welcome back Sony!

  • Brick5

    All the best to Sony, the Xperia Z looks like a fantastic handset. I’m due an upgrade on April 3rd and the only phone that has really caught my attention is the Z, and unless Samsung comes with something incredible when they unveil the S4 (I’m slightly doubtful after the S3) then Sony shall be getting my money!

  • Fony

    Not available or even announced for presale in USA more than 2 months after CES.



  • Gantrioch

    The XPERIA Z model C6606 with AT&T LTE bands 4 and 17 is supposed to come to the United States very soon, according to very reliable sources at

  • jacob

    haha!! xperia tablet z!!