Xperia Z pre-order available from SFR in France, release date set for February 25

by: Chris SmithFebruary 8, 2013


French carrier SFR, previously part of Vodafone’s empire which had a considerable stake in the company, is now offering the Sony Xperia Z for pre-order, one of the most exciting new Android smartphones of the beginning of the year.

The 4G LTE version of the handset will be available in three colors from SFR including white, black and violet, and will cost €29.90 after €200 reimbursement and when purchased with a new two-year contract of €79.90 per month.

Cheaper monthly tariffs will increase the outright price of the device, although on the long run you’re likely to save money. The Xperia Z will cost €449.90 with a €19.99/month two-year contract, or €179.90 after €100 mail-in rebate with a €39.99 monthly plan.

The bad news is that SFR’s 4G LTE network is somewhat limited so you’ll only be able to enjoy increased data speeds in certain French cities.

Once ordered, you’ll have to wait for your Sony Xperia Z to arrive a couple of more weeks, with SFR saying that it’ll ship the handset on February 25.

Let’s hear it from our French readers, are you buying the new Sony flagship Android handset?

  • I allready ordered one in White but at the Sony Store in Paris!! They told me I would most probably get it on the 22nd of February along with the little NFC Speaker, offered to the first 50 buyers!!

    • igor bordelais

      Please let me know how much you paid for it, cause there’s a chance I’ll be in Paris next month.
      If it’s not too expensive I’ll give it a try.