Sony demonstrates one touch mirroring with the Xperia Z (video)

by: Joe HindyJanuary 28, 2013

xperia z
The Sony Xperia Z is quickly becoming the smartphone to get of 2013. It has amazing specs, a sleek look, and it’s from one of the best OEMs out there. It’s been abused and water boarded and lived to see another day. It can also mirror to some TVs with just one touch.

If you’re a watcher and not a reader, the video is posted at the bottom. Sony’s minute long video demonstrates the phone’s ability to share it’s media content to a variety of devices wirelessly. It’s done via NFC, which helps it connect to various devices.

In the video, they show the phone connecting to a Sony TV remote via NFC and the phone mirrors itself to the TV. If that’s not awesome enough, it can do the same with select Sony wireless headphones. It also demonstrates the usual Android Beam technology, where it can send things from one phone to the next.

This is one of most anticipated phones of 2013 and every day it just seems to get better and better. With durability, a good look, good specs, and now some fun one touch features, is there anything this phone can’t do? Who’s even more excited about this phone?

  • Yan Kar

    they all promises the moon and delivers shit…
    S3 should be able to do it and they advertised that before, we get nothing.

    • Peterson Silva

      Samsung didn’t say it used NFC for mirroring; it uses AllShare. And as far as I know, AllShare works, doesn’t it? oO

  • IncCo

    Great! Now just buy a new TV and a new Headset! /s

  • paul

    where’s Miracast, still not there ?

  • anirudh

    sony has stepped up the game!!!.. good too have another big name , alongside samsung, sony and lg… it’s good to see some new competition!!.

    • anirudh

      my bad for the sony part, i meant htc.