Xperia Z Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean features showcased on video

June 15, 2013
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    Xperia Z

    Although Sony has yet to officially release the upcoming Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update for the water-resistant Xperia Z, some people have already installed an unofficial leaked version (which we covered in an earlier report) on their own phones. As a result, they are now able to run the latest available version of the Android software on their handsets.

    If you’re wondering exactly what the software update does, there are a couple of new YouTube videos that can show you. A 15-minute video titled, “Sony XPERIA Z with official leak Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean review” is what you want to watch to know all the most important elements of the software update. There’s also a 4-minute video titled, “Xperia Z 4.2.2 firmware leaked!” that shows the phone’s lockscreen widgets in action, and that’s worth viewing as well.

    We still don’t know when Sony plans to officially deliver the software update to Xperia Z users. But judging by the appearance of this unofficial leaked version, we believe the official release is just around the corner. Go and watch these video demonstrations of the software update’s features for now to tide yourself over.


    • David

      shocking that this phone has still no update, im well pleased i had problems with mine coz i sent it back and got htc one. but i was told that sony will have the update really quick, but instead there are just trying to make more new phones rather than keeping there word to there loyal customers. but all these big companys are just the same. how is the sony z owners thinking ?

      • lil bit

        It had updates, a substantial one it was too. There is nothing to complain about here.

        • David

          u dont have 4.2.2 if u think there is nothing to complain here after sony saying it will come in a month then ………. ok ;]

          • adam

            So… Is your HTC One running on 4.2.2?

            No? Oh, oh how ironic

            • David

              im running pac rom 4.2.2. F.Y.I and if ud have read my 1st message ull realise i said all the big companys are the same. SO LEARN HOW 2 READ U MUPPET.

            • Davi926

              I’m loving the comments on here lol, my first day with the Xperia z is so far so good. Reason why I didn’t go with HTC is all there phones in the past has suffered from bad battery drain.

      • inspire

        this phone had an update, a rather good update!
        and when you are currently getting all the features in current version, so you just need 4.2 for the sake of seeing it in your ‘about phone’ screen?
        I’m a Z owner, and I’m happy!

    • George Av

      Sad that only ONE high end android phone comes with the latest android out of the box, and STILL the One, SxZ don’t have 4.2.2 ha!!

      • milksop held

        Ummm nexus 4?

        • lil bit

          That is not really a high end device, not even LTE, low storage, pathetic camera, horrible video recording, low res display.

          Lets all agree that Galaxy S3, HOX, Optimus G, Xperia T and Nexus 4 are now midrange.

          • [A]dri[A]n

            The LG Optimus G is ANYTHING but mid range. In my opinion it’s one of the most powerful phones out there. Definitely the smoothest phone I have ever used.

            • George Av

              2012 ;) Not 2013, and it has a 2012 CPU.. 2012 hadware

        • George Av

          NOT HIGHEND 2013 :)

    • dflash88

      What’s the difference between the 4.1 and 4.2 jellybean anyway?

      • ahsg

        Get out of here.

        • dflash88

          You don’t have a smartphone now do you?

    • porter86

      I think this phone’s really great, prefer it to the S4 –

    • Wouter Franken

      Looks like it comes @7th of July :)