Xperia Z beats Galaxy Note 2 and Nexus 4 in night video recording

by: Conan HughesFebruary 11, 2013


It’s not just about resistance to water and dust that make the Xperia Z a standout device. In a YouTube video uploaded by French tech blog FrAndroid, Sony’s latest flagship smartphone is pitted against the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and LG Nexus 4 as they record the city of Paris. And what better time to shoot a video of the famous City of Light than during the night?

As clearly shown in the video embedded below, the Xperia Z clearly has an edge in night imaging capabilities over its Android companions. The difference is even more distinguished when you view the comparison in full screen and with 720p or 1080p resolutions.

Using the same smartphones, FrAndroid also has taken videos during the day:

If there’s one thing the Xperia Z falls short against the competition, it’s probably the audio. As one commenter in the first video goes, the Note 2 is better on sound quality but fails to beat the Xperia Z in terms of image stability, autofocus and camera sensors. Back in January, we also posted a camera smackdown between Xperia Z, Apple iPhone 5, and Oppo Find 5. In that previous comparison, the Xperia Z has also shown prowess in its overall camera capabilities.

  • sfesgs

    Not bad. But then again, the Xperia Z should be competed with the Galaxy S4.

    • sxs

      s4, a device that doesnt even exist yet? when s4 will be out then I’d say it should be compared with next Xperia (as per your logic)… :)
      So, it makes sense to compare with what is currently available :)

  • yahyoh

    WOW the XZ dropping frames like crazy and its losing its focus sometimes O.o

    • HellG

      Looks perfectly smooth for me are you sure you are mistaken his shaky hands for framedrops?

  • The XZ is noticeably softer in all modes. Night and day. The winner is the Nexus. It is about what your eye sees in the dark without all that noise and is sharper overall. Did someone put a fingerprint on the Note? My videos are all much sharper than these.

  • Lol? Excuse me for my laughter but, I cannot see that the XZ does better. It’s kind of blueish as a matter of fact. The Note2 is good and the Nexus4 surprisingly is very good.

    • Noexcuse

      You are complaining that the xperia colours the sky blue? Moreover, everything except the Eiffel tower are black in both nexus4 and note 2.

  • Jarrod Davis

    I don’t see how the Xperia ‘has an edge’. That extra purple tint to the sky really detracts from the quality, IMO.

  • donkey kong

    Xperia z obviously captures more light in the night scenes and the blueish colour you can see is the actual colour of cloudy nights in many cities due to light pollution The blacks shown by the the nexus 4 and note 2 are obviously due to poor light capturing.

    As for day time, they each have their good and bad times, however a notable feature was not activated on the xperia z. xperia z has HDR video recording mode which if used in the comparison, will blow both other cameras out of the water.

  • wateva xperia z is having , its natural . note 2 andnexus are saturated

  • Benmartin1974

    Id’ been thinking of ordering a galaxy note for some time. I read loads of reviews and this one was very useful , I received my delivery last month and am very happy. I Would highly recommend to anyone still unsure