Sony Xperia V

An increasing number of Xperia V users have been complaining about a so called “Sleep of Death” bug recently, which has been plaguing their handsets for over a month. One of the threads about the issue over on the official Sony Mobile forum has now reached over 100 comments and more than 15,000 page views, so it appears to be a pretty common problem.

The Sleep of Death issue occurs when a handset fails to wake up once it goes into standby mode, requiring users to restart their phone by taking the battery out before they can regain functionality.

Irritatingly for Sony Xperia V customers, Sony has known about the issue since early December, just shortly after the phone first went on sale. But as of yet they have failed to release a fix for the issue, and have remained relatively silent about the problem.

Sony developers have stated that they are investigating the issue with a “high priority” and that they will let users know if they discover a fix or any useful information, but that was on the 10th January and there has been no further official communication about the bug. The only advice offered by Sony so far is to boot the handset into safe mode to avoid the issue, but users have been reporting that this doesn’t help.

If anyone is currently experiencing the SoD bug or has come across a similar problem on a different handset, let us know if there’s a way to help limit the occurrence of the bug until Sony can fix the issue.

Robert Triggs
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  • Bob

    C’mon Sony get a fix. Xperia line-up is the jewel in your crown.

  • androider

    Well I think there is a pretty similar Bug on myös galaxy s2. Usually at lasten Once a Day it freezes and turns itself off. After that u have to remove the battery to turn it on again.

  • SG

    I sent my Xperia V to Sony Service Center and they totally new to SOD problem. So they just udate to Jelly Bean for me. But after nearly 1 week of usage, no SOD found. So far batt performance improve as well.

    • I like the design of xperia v, but regarding this bug, jelly bean update is realy fix it?

  • Tom Po Po

    I am an owner of a V experiencing such problems. Having participated in the official forum, I believe it is a hardware issue. In recent weeks, 3 fellow owners/users received new motherboards after sending in their Vs. For months, Sony CS recommended re-installing software as a fix; however, it never resolved the SoDs.

    • WM

      So far, up to now my phone is still at the repair center since the 10 of April 2013. Still not fixed and still in repair they said. It’s there already for 2,5 months
      Bought accessories, just one month before it died, and of course those are worthless because they do not fit with any other model…

      Sony offered me another phone now… but what to do with these accessories? DK25 + Brodit active holder? (about 75 Euro’s together?)

      I used my phone just a small two months. (starting at February 2013)
      At 8 April, it died, at night, started to reset itself continuously, I don’t have any reason why.
      I hardly can believe this…. Sony, what image are you creating here….

  • Antonia

    with me, a day after it was updated to jelly bean, my phone starts to experience this sleep of death.. my battery level doesn’t change either or drained, but still SoD occurs..

  • Rose

    Hi i bought S
    ony xperia in May 2013. I am also facing this sleep of death once in a week. it is really annoying while using this beautiful phone. my build number is 9.1.A.1.145. i got one software update 9.2.A.0.295. Should this fix the problem or not? Some one told me updates provided by Sony results to slowness of handset