Xperia Tablet Z Wi-Fi Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update now available

December 29, 2013

    sony xperia tablet z aa back

    Xperia Tablet Z owners should be happy to hear that Sony has released the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update for the Wi-Fi version of the tablet, after having rolled out a similar update for the LTE model not too long ago.

    The new update is live for the SGP311 and SGP312 Wi-Fi models, according to Xperia Blog, and will bring your firmware up to version 10.4.B.0.577.

    In addition to Android 4.3 features, the update also includes various software additions for the tablet such as a new home launcher, the Sony Smart Social camera, “Xperia Theme” support, support for launching multiple Small Apps, and a new battery Stamina mode.

    Unfortunately, the update, which measures a hefty 793MB according to the publication, is available only through PC Companion or the Sony Update Service, so don’t expect to download it over-the-air (OTA).


    Naturally, Android 4.4 KitKat is what you’d probably want to have on your Xperia Tablet Z, but that’s not available just yet, at least not officially.

    Have you updated your Xperia Tablet Z?


    • Brendon Brown

      Still dont have my Xperia Zs update yet … – South Africa

    • Benjamin

      Where’s the ZL update though? Doesn’t really matter to be on 4.2.2, just curious about 4.3 upgrade ;)

    • Momir

      Still dont have my Xperia
      Tablet Z wi_fi update yet…Croatia

      • Joachim Nilsson

        It seems you need a Windows PC tool to update, the built-in firmware upgrade won’t work … I’m a bit miffed about this myself since I don’t have any Windows PC.

        • Momir


          2013/12/29 Disqus

        • Guillermo Salgado

          Use Sony Bridge for Mac!

    • From Tunisia

      I have the Xperia Tablet Z,but how to update it?

      • Paul Neal

        Connect it to your pc, install pc companion from the tablet. Really userul program

        • From Tunisia

          Ah, I installed it today, I have Sony pc Campanion.
          Android Jelly Bean 4.3 is cool

    • samsung disappointed me

      Sony Updates are nice, I think my next phone is going to be a sony since ive had the worst update experience i’ve ever had on my samsung galaxy note 2.
      and you lot complaining in the comments about updates, Samsung cant even keep their flagships updated so count yourselfs lucky.

      • Paul Neal

        They are late sometimes, but are very well made and
        and designed

    • Cady Wongso

      i’ve just updated my SGP321, good UI…battery is getting better but would like to see more! but overall cannot wait for android 4.4

    • stjepan

      Just checked on my w/pc and updating in process… Melbourne

    • adz

      In the UK sgp 321 still no update :(

    • Shadi Aslan

      I have sony xperia z mobile already,, it is 30.December today,, and i still didn’t get any updates in the update center,, anyone help? :(

    • Leandro Freitas

      Not update in Holland yet!

    • trigano62

      Just updated my tablet, great to see Sony keeping the updates coming compared to say Samsung

      • RonnyMac

        Was this the wifi only tablet? I have a wifi only version and it’s not registering any update here in the UK? Using the Sony bridge for Mac and nothing…

    • nadeem nasir

      i have soney experia . my phone need softwere update .my phone only soney how i do