Sony Xperia Tablet S getting Jelly Bean update, rollout starts tomorrow

by: Andrew GrushApril 17, 2013

Xperia Tablet S

If you happen to own a Sony Xperia Tablet S, we have some great news for you. Starting tomorrow, the Tablet S will be making the leap to Jelly Bean.

Earlier today Sony took to its community forums to share the good news, informing users that a system notification will appear in the Tablet S toolbar indicating when the update is ready. According to Sony, the Jelly Bean release is for owners in the United States, Canada and Latin America.

For those that were hoping that this would be Android 4.2, it isn’t. While Android 4.1.1 isn’t as exciting as getting 4.2 Jelly Bean, it is still a major jump ahead from ICS.

With Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, Tablet S owners will finally get Google Now, the expanded Jelly Bean notifications and speed improvements found thanks to Project Butter. As for tablet-specific changes in the update? Unfortunately, the change log has yet to be released so we really can’t say for sure what kind of tablet-specific changes might make their way to the tablet.

As with most update rollouts, don’t panic if the notification isn’t there the moment that you wake up tomorrow. It could take a few days or so for the update to reach all Sony Tablet S owners. If in doubt, you can always check manually for the update under system settings.


  • DrCarpy

    They ruined the original Tablet S with their last batch of software. They should fix that as well.

  • I hope this includes my original Tablet S. Fingers crossed.

  • Bokal Philippines

    Great tablet deserves a great OS. Bravo, Sony….

  • onigz

    where’e the update for the xperia S smartphone?

  • Tom Wise

    Just received the update the video glitch seems to be fixed but performance wise scrolling through pages seems to be a little slower

  • Mark Rich

    Update for Jelly Bean arrived on my European (UK) tablet this morning. The whole thing was much much slower post update. Very laggy in everything. So I decided to press the factory reset option and start again. Now it’s back to the same speed as before and reinstalling my apps.
    Overall, aside from a few cosmetic things and arrival of the useless Google Now, I see no difference.

    • Mark Rich

      After a few days of use I can say now the clearest difference between pre and post update experience is the lack of random or post video reboots. I keep expecting the restart which never happens now. :-)

      • Tom Wise

        I’m now having issues with the time e.g. Set to auto and turned off screen came back and turned the screen back on and the time has not changed and after a while the time hasn’t set itself right

        • Mark Rich

          The only weird issue I have seen is with wireless access being unable to reconnect to a known and trusted network should it have been absent from the signal for a while. For example transporting it from A to B. A reboot solves the issue. It’s not 100% of the time and I’m going to try a few power management apps to see if that helps. Over all, however, I am warming to the tablet even more.