Xoom Vs. Ipad 2

by: Darcy LaCouveeFebruary 4, 2011
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Apple has constantly improved its ability to keep its product development under wraps. So, all we can do today is offer you our best attempt at speculation The iPad 2’s rumored specs seem to change with the wind, but I bet that Apple has something up its sleeve.

The rumor mill is in full swing as we post this article, with Apple Fans and speculators beating the proverbial drum, clamoring for more Apple goodness. We hope that the recent rumor that the iPad 2 will ship with an extremely weak 1MP rear camera doesn’t come true, for that would be technological regression. 1MP is simply terrible for video, and if true, you can toss out 720p video capture. Putting a low-res rear camera in iPad 2 would be a huge mistake and allow a whole generation of Android tabs to move in on its turf. iPad 2 needs to include a camera as least as good as the iPhone 4’s.

[UPDATE] The iPad 2 has just been released, check out our comparison here

Even though the Ipad is really nothing more than an over sized Iphone, we always appreciate seeing the mobile space as highly competitive.  I’m also starting to lose hope that the iPad 2 will have a Retina Display, although I still hope that Apple finds a way to pull it off. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple settling on 1280 x 800 — it’d be bump up from the iPad 1 and would match up better against the likes of Samsung, Motorola and Toshiba.

Let’s all collectively cross our fingers that Apple finally comes to its senses and includes a removable memory card slot and Micro USB port in the new iPad. Since it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see a removable battery from Apple again, SD and USB would be huge steps in the right direction. Too bad Apple hasn’t figured out a way to add a new overpriced dock or add-on to enable these industry standard features.

Anyway, check out the spec comparison. Hopefully the Ipad 2 can give the Motorola Xoom a run for its money.

  • zacky

    Owh, it seems like apple product has been declared as loser. Well, firstly, even if it is, why did playbook delay it launch, when the date is same? It mean playbook with GREATER hardware ( dual core, 5MP front, 3MP rear) cannot compete with iPad 2. And secondly, the tablet market is initiated by apple iPad, nobody invent that kind of tablet before, other are just copycat. You must remember, good hardware does not mean anything if the software is not tightly integrated. And talk about camera, is it really convenient to take photo or video using big tablet, well i dont think so, that mean better camera does not mean better tablet. And i heard the xoom always crash when browsing the web, iPad never do man.. Motorola/samsung need a very powerful CPU to make great tablet, they really have low efficient, but apple can make smooth and responsive tablet with just 1 GHz single core processor, i wonder what it would be if other do. I dont know why people just judge the tablet solely by the hardware, the software just doesn’t really mean to them, but actually it is. iOS is the reason that make iPad ahead of its competitor. Don’t just look at the hardware, you never know the performance until you use, and the benchmark did not tell you everything. Software must be tightly integrate with hardware, only then it can take full advantage of the powerful CPU inside.

    Lets talk about expandable memory, firstly, people never has more than one SD card, trust me, that mean expandable memory is not important. Who want to have tons of memory card, u will never use it all. Even 4 import from SLR camera, iPad has it own camera kit which allow you to import to the iPad.

    Let talk about USB, firstly i wonder, why is it people really want it, do you want to connect it to the mouse( this is touch based device man, u don’t need a mouse), or a pen drive( come on guys, u already have SD card), or keyboard( i prefer bluetooth), so what exactly the need for USB?? Why not make a single universal port that can be anything, then just make an adapter for it, it is much efficient the way u use space.

    Lets talk about flash, do u worry about playing youtube, well no worry, u don’t need flash plug in, flash just burn your battery life quickly, actually it can be encoded into H.264, a modern format 4 video. They better use HTML, or Java. Or are u guys worry about on9 games, is it optimized 4 touch based, u need to check it.

    Lets talk about gadget, well the purpose of apple did not allow widget to run on screen is becoz it will drain battery life quickly…. and iOS interface is just easy enough to reach the app(widget app), at most 3 steps.

    The bottom line is, most manufacturer think of many good feature to give to the user, but most of it are useless. They think when they give tons of feature like flash, USB, better camera, they can capture many user, but i never see it in real life situation, becoz they did not emphasize on user experience.. most tablet are not really smooth and responsive like iPad. and i crash… bad user experience. I don’t like to say iPad is totally perfect as perfection is subjective, but I saw many people give bad criticism on iPad. It just not fair. I don’t like to say android tablet is bad either, as it is not professional, they put lot of effort on their product, we shouldn’t simply critics it.

    And to say whether motorola or samsung is the best, they are TOTALLY equal, why did I say that, becoz they have same OS, which is android, brand is not a matter 4 me… same OS same everything, and 4 this case, both Gtab and xoom have equal specs, that mean they are tied.