Xiaomi unveils budget-friendly Mi2A and Snapdragon 600-powered Mi2S

by: AdrianApril 9, 2013

Xiaomi Mi2S

Two years and two high-end (ish) smartphones. That’s all it took to catapult Xiaomi from a no-name, novice company in the mobile décor to worldwide sensation. True, Xiaomi is yet to break the Chinese borders, but rumor has it Europe and America will be part of the company’s mobile revolution come next year.

And boy, does Xiaomi have some goodies prepped for the near future! The Mi2’s full-fledged successor, most likely dubbed Mi3, is to land in the fall with groundbreaking specs, while for now we have to focus on a slightly less impressive, but still very exciting duo.

The Mi2S and Mi2A have been made official just a few hours ago and they already look like winners. Both affordable by Western standards, they also distinguish themselves from your regular high-enders with not so huge displays.

The Mi2S, the more powerful sibling, sports a 4.3-inch IPS display with a 1,280 x 720 pixels resolution. Kind of “meh”, right? Maybe, but there’s nothing “meh” about the quad-core 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 CPU and 2 GB of RAM beneath this baby’s hood.

Xiaomi Mi2A

In fact, Xiaomi says the Mi2S beats the Samsung Galaxy S4 in synthetic benchmarks, with whopping scores like 25,913 in AnTuTu. Our tested Snapdragon-based GS4 scored about as much a while back, but naturally we have no way to verify if Xiaomi’s claims are legit.

Aside from the new chip, the Mi2S is not awfully different from last year’s Mi2, coming with 16 and 32 GB of internal storage, dual 8 MP/2 MP cams, a 2,000 mAh battery and Jelly Bean-based MIUI. Due out in China, but also Hong Kong and Taiwan soon, the new fellow will cost 1,999 Yuan ($319) in the 16 GB variant, and 2,299 Yuan ($367) with 32 gigs.

As for the Mi2A, this is set to be even cheaper, at 1,499 Yuan, or $239. But there’s a good reason for that, with the spec sheet being a little less impressive – a dual-core 1.7 GHz S4 Pro CPU, 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage.

Then again, the display is a little larger, at 4.5 inches, the profile is thinner (9.5 mm), while the cameras, battery and on-board software are the same as on the Mi2S. Not too shabby!

How about it, folks? Can Xiaomi leap to the next fame level with the Mi2S and Mi2A? How great are these phones’ quality-price ratios?

  • Arsenal™

    nice colours

  • i love the green one…

  • MasterMuffin

    PPI is still higher than iPhone’s “world’s most advanced” display’s :)

  • Reginald Spence II

    I can’t wait until these find their way over to the states.

  • tomn1ce

    Nice phones…

  • Bob Burgess

    I don’t know why you called a 4.3 inch 720p screen “meh”. I think packing 1080p onto a 4.3 inch screen is complete overkill (most blogs say they struggle to tell the difference between 720p and 1080p on a 4.7 inch screen).
    As for the size…. not everyone wants a 4.7+ inch monster. Especially for people with smaller hands, I think 4.3 inches is a great size.

  • How do I order direct with out having to pay more because I can’t read Chinese?

  • Arturinho

    where can I find an instruction manual for mi2s? I’m getting it soon and would learn about the features.

    • Gassolo

      Where do you order it from ?

  • Gerhard Lechke

    Pls could some body tell me how to insert the SIM Card into the MI2S phone ?

    Thank you