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OnePlus and its $299 “flagship killer” are the talk of the town right now, but Xiaomi, the company that inspired OnePlus’ unconventional sales and marketing tactics, is announcing some big news of its own.

Talking to Bloomberg, the CEO of the four-year old company said Xiaomi is finally ready to begin selling smartphones in more countries this year. Lei Jun said Xiaomi will tackle some of the largest and fastest growing markets in the world, with the goal to increase sales from 20 million to 100 million by 2015.

Xiaomi’s next targets for expansion are India, Brazil, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Mexico, and the Philippines. These ten new markets will join China, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, regions where Xiaomi is already doing brisk business. The company, which relies on e-commerce as its main sales channel, has grown to be the fifth most popular smartphone maker in China, no mean feat considering the market’s size and cutthroat competition from both big brands and no-name manufacturers.

India, Brazil, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Mexico, and the Philippines

Spearheaded by the Mi3 flagship, Xiaomi’s sales reached 20 million in 2013, while the company’s goal for this year is 40 million. Company president Bin Lin expressed moderate hope that the Mi3 will help make Xiaomi a household name around the world: “It’s our mission and our belief that this model should be able to achieve some level of success outside of China.”

Xiaomi’s global expansion is led by the former Android lead Hugo Barra, who left Google last year for a station in Beijing.

The fact that the company only chose developing countries for its expansion suggests a bet on fast-growing markets where big players like Samsung are less entrenched. No mention yet of US or other Western markets, and from the looks of it, it may be a while until Hugo Barra turn his eyes towards developed markets.

Bogdan Petrovan
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  • Anass Eljondy

    North africa !!!!!!! why nobody’s givin a sh*t about it?

    • MasterMuffin

      Samsung does

      • Anass Eljondy

        samsung! comon, give me a break. I’m talking about real geeky companies: Xiaomi, Oppo, Meizu, Geeksphone … A phone that make a f*cking real difference

    • jim

      Anass, turn Xiaomi absence n North Africa as business oo

      • Anass Eljondy

        flagship makers are selling in big masses here

    • Mohammed Azoz

      true :( only sam dominating :( :( :(

  • Pikachu!

    Finally The Philippines

  • Xiaomi? Here? In India? *eyes pop out*

    We will have MIUI phones! :D

  • Dennis Henriquez

    I like Xiaomi(Now it’s just Mi) coming to Brazil, but they will need to open the code of their framework acording to GPL rules… But the biggest concern it’s brazilian taxes that are ridiculously high

    • Boonlumsion Piyapon

      Android is Apache 2 they don’t have to open the code. Only Linux core is GPL

  • Torraint

    yay! indonesia at last

  • w1z

    India! Xiaomi is soon breaking more records lmao

  • lnfected

    As someone who lives in the South East Asia, I hate the fact that companies like Google, Motorola, and now OnePlus seem to neglect the truly profitable South East Asian countries plus India and as the result get very small amount of profit. Meanwhile, looking from history, India and Indonesia are Nokia’s and Blackberry’s most profitable market. Fortunately, Xiao Mi is smart enough to target those countries in their expansion to get the most profit, unlike OnePlus which weirdly stated that they didn’t want to earn any profits in their first 2 years and selected least crowded countries in Europe, and no India, Indonesia, and others in their list.

  • Harvie Boles

    Xiaomi will be a big hit in the Philippines!

  • eilegz

    no latin america no us? i mean come one, one plus its getting in, oppo its already expanded but xiaomi its taking its time…

  • Mainstream manufacturers (LEFT) vs Xiaomi (RIGHT)
    or the Cicada vs the Ant tale…

  • No Africa? WTH! These phones would do so well here.