Xiaomi Zimi expected to be announced on September 5

by: Nate SwannerAugust 30, 2013
Xiaomi Invitation

Invitations for the Xiaomi announcement on September 5 are impressive

Xiaomi has begun sending invitations out for a September 5 announcement, in which the world expects to see a first from the chinese manufacturer. While the announcement is not specific to any device, it’s believed we’ll see the new Xioami Zimi. The 7-inch tablet from Xiaomi has been spotted on occasion, and appears to be ready for a birth announcement.

Specs have not been confirmed, but could end up being typical Xiaomi. A quad core Nvidia processor is said to be behind the full HD screen, and a 13MP rear camera. No word on RAM or memory, and since we’ve heard radically differing tales, we’ll wait for official word from Xiaomi.

While we’re not quite sold on tablets with cameras, this all promises to be another really good Xiaomi device. With most device manufacturers, the last thought is usually “yeah, but how much is it?” Xiaomi hasn’t really given us reason to doubt them on that front: they usually bring a great product to market at a very reasonable price.

A September 5 announcement puts another device release party at or during IFA. It’s going to be a busy week!

  • Bone

    Wher da Mi-3?

    • Joshua Hill

      The Mi-2S is still pretty much cutting edge.

  • Mike千秋

    There are a few pictures floating around Chinese websites that have me even more convinced that this is coming. MIUI would be awesome on a tablet

  • Ishimaru

    Memory *is* RAM. What you’re referring to is storage, not memory. :)

    • Joshua Hill

      They can also be different. It was quite obvious from the context that RAM referred to the amount of chipset memory for CPU and GPU to use and memory was referring to the size of the onboard storage memory for apps, music, e.t.c.

  • Marchend Tatiana

    I’m eagerly wiating to discover this one as well as the latest
    Nexus 5 which promisses to be awesome !