Rumor: Xiaomi planning to release an Android-powered smart TV

November 27, 2012
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Xiaomi planning to launch Android smart TV

Chinese start-up Xiaomi has hit the headlines a bit over the past few months with the launch of the quad-core M2 and, most recently, their Android set-top box. Now, according to unnamed sources, Xiaomi is looking to produce a feature packed Android smart TV.

Earlier this month, Xiaomi launched its first attempt to invade Chinese homes with the all new Xiaomi TV set-top box. The Android-powered media device went on limited sale at just 299 Yuan ($48), with features including Apple Airplay support, free video streaming, and a dedicated PopCap gaming channel.

Details are still unconfirmed, but it seems the pebble shaped home media center could be a tentative first step towards the launch of a fully featured Android smart TV. The smart TV would likely be manufactured by Foxconn along with Xiaomi’s phones and will¬†integrate with the Chinese company’s recently launched store and video streaming apps.

Adding a smart TV to¬†Xiaomi’s¬†product line would make logical business sense, and revenue made from renting and selling content through the household device could be used¬†to¬†keep hardware prices to a minimum.

While rumors are¬†hotting¬†up, the¬†likelihood¬†of¬†Xiaomi¬†launching their smart TV platform in the near future are pretty dim, as regulatory issues are currently plaguing the current set top box’s media services.


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