XDA member discovers alleged fix to Nexus 7 lag issue after 4.2 update

by: Tom WyattNovember 26, 2012

Nexus 7


Many Google Nexus 7 users reported on sites like XDA-Developers and Reddit major lag issues after being update to Android 4.2, with no official response from Google or Asus. However, one XDA member has found an alleged fix to the bug, which reveals the issue derives from the Google Currents application. The method to resolve the issue is as follows:

  1. Open your app draw
  2. Open Google Currents
  3. Click the three dots in the top right corner of the app
  4. Tap “settings”
  5. Uncheck “enable background sync”
  6. Reboot your Nexus 7

With no official recognition of the bug, it is not certain as to whether or not this is a definitive fix for the issue, but if it helps your Nexus 7 revive its speed let us know in the comments so we can help others work around the fault.

  • Josh King

    That did the trick. Thanks.

  • William Peterson

    Giving it a try. Glad I found your site a few weeks ago. Great stuff!

  • Bartek Sumowski

    Yep works a lot smoother, thanks!

  • Greg

    Glad to see this article, I was wondering what was with the slowness!

  • Yvanho

    Unchecking point 5 then, sync will have to be done manually?

  • Christopher Clark

    Doing that on each user profile did help lag issues, especially when switching between the two.

  • this was on talk android days ago .____.

  • Cédric Tremblay

    Gonna try this.
    I also seem unable to connect my bluetooth keyboard since the 4.2 update.

  • andy sanchez

    The launcher tsf shell doesnt work anymore on 4.2 and camera features like panorama doesnt work too; it should even though its only front cam…

  • This explains why I thought all the lag claims were BS. I have the Currents app frozen.

  • Alexon Enfiedjian

    Actually, the XDA member found the instructions on TalkAndroid.com in a post they did yesterday.

  • androidthemesdownload.com

    Thanks. Yep works a lot smoother

  • I also found that clearing the application cache helped, as described on the nxtab forums: http://bit.ly/Wt2y58

  • Helped me ! Nice tip !

  • does this only apply to the N7? I was thinking of doing this on my N10 I dont use Google Currents anyways

  • Erik Huntoon

    I did this last night and it seems to have helped so far. I also saw someone recommend running Forever Gone which wipes your free space on the device. Did that today as well and things seem to be working much better. The N7 was running terrible for about a week or so until last night.. so I’m happy again!

  • James Young

    Seems to have worked for me. Thanks!

  • NTP

    If Gmail has become too laggy after your recent system update and your N7 experience has become a little slow, try this: disable Google Currents in Settings:Apps:All. Don’t just disable Currents from synching, fully disable it.
    Clear the caches of Chrome and Gmail and other Google apps.
    Then download Forever Gone from Play and run it. It may take a while but it will solve the recent N7 lagging issues.
    Plus Gmail DOES now have pinch to zoom, open Gmail app, go to Settings:General Settings:autofit messages