Xbox SmartGlass now available on Kindle Fire tablets

by: AA StaffApril 22, 2013


Xbox SmartGlass has finally appeared on the Amazon Appstore for use with your Kindle Fire tablet version. This is the second big application being ported to the Amazon Appstore this month, with the Spotify app being brought to the store as well.

The inclusion of SmartGlass is certain to bring smiles onto the faces of gamers clutching onto a Kindle Fire. Microsoft’s application, which has been available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store since last fall, is bringing to Amazon’s tablets the same capabilities, including letting users navigate their Xbox 360 remotely, push and pull content, as well as allowing access to achievements, messaging and Xbox music.

Want to enjoy a second screen experience to further your gaming prowess? Then hit the source link for the free download to the living room of the future.

  • not compatible with my kindle fire (1st gen), must only be for newer versions. All the more reason to install cyanomod onto my fire.