Sony Xperia Z Ultra gets important update, included X Reality

by: Nate SwannerAugust 28, 2013

sony x-reality

A substantial update is being rolled out for Xperia Z ultra owners, bringing with it a slew of features that probably should have been included at launch. The update also has one very important feature that could really set a standard for all mobile devices moving forward.

Features like one-handed text input being inducted are a head-scratcher, but not X Reality. X Reality can probably be best described as an HD upgrade, giving your images a bit more clarity, color, and depth. Already present in Sony TVs, our explaination of X Reality will give you a better idea of how the technology works.

Check out the video below for a good look at the difference it brings. The Xperia Z Ultra is the first instance of X Reality being included in a smartphone, so we’re not sure how it will affect things like battery life yet. The X Reality engine launched with the device, but wasn’t being taken advantage of until this recent OTA update.

  • eventhoughIstillwantthisphone

    “Lets turn up the Contrast +5 and the Brightness -5 on teh screen.”

    “GENIUS! We’ll call it X-Reality and pretend it’s incredible technology.”

    • Gabriel

      “Genius, let me make a damn stupid BS filled statement about something I have no idea about and make myself look like a retard”
      If that was your goal, then mission accomplished troll.

  • Spencer

    I don’t think this tech really increases sharpness…just boosts the contrast …at least this will negate the hype surrounding oled displays…although don’t know if it makes blacks truer

  • Still waiting to get this update on mine. :/

  • Isaac Davis

    My Purple LTE version arrives on Thursday!!! I’m super excited.