New X Phone rumors surface, won’t have customizable hardware; Motorola will reportedly make a Nexus phone this year

by: Brad WardMarch 28, 2013

Motorola X Phone

There’s been a plethora of rumors concerning the Motorola X Phone this month. Some have claimed that the X Phone will offers customizable hardware and others have claimed that it’s slated for a November launch. And now another rumor coming from Android and Me is giving us more details about the phone.

This is just a rumor, as we can’t confirm any of this. However, the rumor seems to fall in line with some of the previous reports we’ve seen.

Android and Me‘s sources say that the X Phone’s launch date will be in July. It was originally slated for June, but manufacturing issues have caused a delay. The Wall Street Journal reported on this last year, saying that Motorola was facing “manufacturing and supply-chain management” issues.

The X Phone will have an ‘exclusive” launch in July with a broader launch around Thanksgiving, which falls in line with previous November launch rumors. This could indicate a few things. The device could be sold exclusively online for a time or it may not be available in certain markets until the broader launch in November. If a July launch is in mind, we should hear of it at Google I/O in May.


According to the source, the X Phone will also be user customizable, which follows up with earlier rumors. However, it does not appear that hardware can be modified aside from internal storage. Instead, consumers will be able to customize the design of the phone with some personalized software settings. Buyers will be able to order the device in a large quantity of colors while also being able to modify the material of the outer casing. Buyers will be able to pick from plastic, metal and carbon fiber.

Motorola will also allow buyers to further customize the hardware, but not with the first X Phone release. The company may want the idea to take off before getting into something so ambitious like hardware customization, which makes a lot of sense considering that devices could get very costly very fast.

The source says the X Phone will be a formidable HTC One competitor, but it won’t be a Galaxy S4 or an iPhone 6 killer. The X Phone brand will, for the most part, be marketed as a customizable phone that is able to connect up to a multitude of Google products, such as Google Glass and the smartwatch. Motorola seems to have more of a focus with software than hardware with the X Phone, so it would make sense to not have top-of-the-line hardware.

Android and Me‘s source also says that the X Phone will feature a Motorola logo on the back of the device, which will act as a touch sensitive button that allows you to launch various commands. There is a very high possibility that this could be true.

A couple of weeks ago, Google filed an application for a patent that would put back panel touch controls on a smartphone or tablet. What the source describes on the X Phone is nearly identical to the description of the back panel touch controls patent.

Another source told Android and Me that Google’s smartwatch could be made available around the time the X Phone launches, which would also make sense since the X Phone is supposed to have some sort of functionality between the smartwatch, Google Glass and possibly other Google products. It’s possible that the smartwatch could be an accessory to accompany the X Phone.

In addition to the X Phone, Motorola will be launching their own Nexus device at the end of the year. This device will not be apart of the X Phone brand, but it is interesting that Motorola could be making a Nexus device, as previous rumors indicated that LG could be making the next Nexus device.

Finally, the source says that Motorola will release more Droid phones on Verizon this year, as Google inherited an 18 month line of products when the search giant purchased Motorola Mobility.

The rumor could be entirely fake, as the source wasn’t identified nor can the information may be confirmed. However, if the rumor has any weight to it, we should at the very least, hear Google mention its existence at Google I/O in May this year.

Are you looking forward to the X Phone?

  • No

  • MasterMuffin

    I’m looking forward to the next Nexus. Always had Samsung’s S phones, but now I want a Nexus if Google makes the specs good enough!

    • Toss3

      I made the switch to the Nexus 4, and switching back now with the SGS4. The grass is not always greener on the other side..

      • Dain Laguna

        camera and storage are pluses, but software will remain a nexus forte

      • MasterMuffin

        But my neighbour doesn’t even have grass, full concrete yard! :D

    • Evan Wickes

      the nexus 4 specs were awesome when it came out. it is still a good phone even tho the newer gen SoC’s are releasing. the N5 will mostlikely have the latest hardware, regardless of what the author wrote. i guess he’s anti-nexus?!?

    • I’m looking forward to the next Nexus as well. I’m really hoping that we’ll see a Nexus with a 5.5-inch screen though. It’d be nice to have a Nexus device as big as the Note 2; I’m not a huge fan of TouchWiz after getting a taste of stock Android.

  • Peacen1k

    I think it’s not just this ‘rumor’ that is fake. This whole article is fake.

    Yes indeed.

  • keenmay

    GS4 has everything I wanted except for price. If only Google makes something similar with Nexus pricing, that would be my phone. Somehow I doubt it.

  • Hate my Nexus 4s battery life with a passion. going to have to switch to the s4.

  • Justin

    I’ve always loved Moto products, and I really can’t wait for this device.

  • RitishOemraw

    Sounds fake to me.
    The X-phone having a large release in November with the Next Nexus phone to be released around that period makes no marketing sense to me. Especially since they target the same audience (the software audience) as the source states the X-phone focuses more on software than hardware, just like Nexus phones.

    Unless the x-phone has a 6+inch screen to have it target the consumers who want a phablet, then it just screams fake to me, but let’s wait and see.

    • Tcv4

      unless of course the x phone is the next nexus.

      • John Koetsier poyo

        motorola better than lg..
        please don’t lg again..

  • Fox

    Android 5.0 will smoother than iOS ?

    • Dain Laguna

      4.2 is already about as smooth

    • As Dain said, 4.2 is already really smooth, but there’s no doubt it’ll get better in future Android firmware upgrades.

  • Antony

    The form factor looks ok. I was hoping to look even better than the One’s at least. But, oh well. Now, I’m gonna wait to see the spec compared to the One’s. Its screen’s better be as big or bigger and the internal spec must be as good. We’ll see.

  • Alu Zeros

    Like the quality of the one, specs of the S4, and the stock software of the nexus line. Really would like Google to come out with a flagship power house option and some headphones with physical volume control rockers

  • blarelli

    Here’s hoping for a Nexus Maxx

  • Dave Weinstein

    I love the idea of a Sapphire display, hate the fact that it’s only 4.8″.

    720p or 1080p? Google doesn’t seem to think going past 720p is important. But I do.

    Which LTE bands?