WP8 Launcher app brings the look of Windows Phone 8 to Android

by: Robert NelsonNovember 21, 2012

Some of the finer points of Android include the openness and the ability to customize your set-up. That being said, you can even customize your handset to the point of having it look like another mobile operating system entirely. This sort of reminds me of a time when it was cool to try and make your PC look like a Mac. Those thoughts aside though, if you happen to be rocking an Android handset and digging the look of Windows Phone 8 — there is an app for you.

The app is called WP8 Launcher and it does just that, gives your Android handset the tiled-look of Windows Phone 8. Or alternatively, if you are stuck on Windows Phone 7, try Launcher 7. The WP8 Launcher app is free to download and free to use and appears to be rather flexible in terms of allowing you to arrange your layout.

Basically, what the WP8 Launcher app does is allow you to set apps in the ’tiles’ which can then be changed up in terms of color and/or size. For example, you can make the more important apps larger or even set the colors based on type. Anyway, the above screenshots come courtesy of Lifehacker reader Dave who not only used the WP8 Launcher app, but took his look to a new level by mixing in other goodies such as the Alarm Clock Plus widget, the Simi Clock skin from Simple Calendar Widgets and 1Tap Quick Bar widgets.

Bottom line, some may like the look of Windows Phone 8, but they sure go to through quite a bit of effort to get that look and remain using and Android smartphone.

  • leoingle

    why in the blue hell would anybody want this??

    • Vitor Hugo Santos

      just for the lulz ;p

  • justd80010

    LOL… why not just get a Windows Phone?

    • lol.this is launcher to use once and u will get bored in 1-2 days.u can replace launcher for free not the phone.

      • justd80010

        just another silly Android “customization” that nobody will ever use.

        • MasterMuffin

          No, launcher 7 has been downloaded more than 1,000,000 times

          • justd80010

            Android fans love to talk about this, millions of these are activated, almost no one, on a percentage basis, ever hacks these things because most of us don’t buy electronics because we are geeky tech enthusiasts that get a kick spending hours of our lives recoding software, we buy because we need a phone. A million downloads out of half a billion active devices constitutes “no one” in my book.

          • MasterMuffin

            Well that’s not true, and you know it.

          • justd80010

            What part isn’t true, it’s a fact that almost no one will ever hack or rom their phone. People take these things out of the box to use, not to alter the core OS. There is a very small subset of users that consider this capability a “feature.” Almost everyone I know has an Android, I can’t think of a single one of them running a rom on it.

          • MasterMuffin

            THIS IS A LAUNCHER NOT A ROM NO HACKING you obviously don’t know anything about this stuff, maybe you could read about these things before commenting stupid stuff?

          • justd80010

            I really don’t care less what it is, or how you label it. Almost nobody goes to the store, buys and Android, takes it home, and installs ANYTHING, launcher, rom whatever, to make it look like a Windows Phone because doing so is asinine and a waste of time to all but an insignificant few such as yourself.

          • Lupin the III

            Almost nobody? Tell that to 1,000,000+ people who’ve already “gone to the store, buys the Android, takes it home, and installs ANYTHING — launcher, ROM, whatever.”

            You’ll have a lot of fun. I bet you’re an Apple fan, aren’t you?

          • justd80010

            There are how many androids in circulation, please… Just more garbage in the play store. It doesn’t even look good.

          • Lupin the III

            A lot, and I’m figuring those people don’t care.

            The developers have their option to omit their apps from the Play Store, I’m assuming.

          • MasterMuffin

            As “Lupin the III” already said below, you’re wrong. + I can’t take you seriously becausee you’re just trying to cover your stupidity and you actually don’t know anything about is stuff.

          • justd80010

            That’s alright, I can’t take you seriously because when u see garbage u defend it. Again, just get a windows phone or iPhone and stay away from crap u have to take home and alter to make it look like something else. That’s not a real feature to anybody but hard core fans.

          • MasterMuffin

            Really, do you even read what comes out of your mouth? And have you even tried that? It looks great and if you’re troll please stop it -.-

    • David

      i would if i could afford one. i have to wait for my upgrade time

      • justd80010

        I think AT&T is selling the 920 for $50 for Black Friday. I just got one a couple weeks ago for $100 with a free wireless charging station. It’s a great phone.

  • iamanoopmk

    @people who are asking why windows launcher

    That shows the power of android. When you brag of customizing an android phone why question how one customizes? That is just hypocritical. He wants android that looks like this.. later when something else come he will change it to look like that.. when he gets bored he will go for a 3D launcher.. That is why HE loves android and he will not buy a Windows Phone just to get a launcher. I think that was very simple to understand.. Are you sure you guys are not from the Apple community wrongly posting in Android community?!

    • MasterMuffin

      I know, stupid people should just shut up and be happy with the launchee they have, not get angry about a cool new launcher!

  • flye

    Windows metro is the ugliest UI around

    • MasterMuffin


      • Elias


        • MasterMuffin


    • Once you get used to it it becomes awesome, and beautiful

      • APai

        no seriously, I would not want to torture myself into loving it. it’s plain and boring – for me. once you try it out for a few days – there’s hardly any option for customization.

        okay, it’s good to have options – people who like this interface are perfectly entitled to their opinion. as for the rest of the people…it’s why perhaps there’s an underwhelming reaction from the market.

        while it might work on a tablet and a phone – it’s a terrible idea to foist the damn thing on a desktop. there are “launchers” on windows 8 desktop, which strip this non intuitive interface off the desktop!

  • Spencer

    I have used win phone 7.5 and it was a pretty good os. if I could get it on my s3 I would. I still like the JB os but find the win one easier to use.

  • MasterMuffin


    • MasterMuffin

      Where can I download this?

      • RarestName

        ^Forever alone

  • marsbars2006

    i didn’t see any app called WP8 Launcher in the play store. Did the name change, or has it been taken down for some reason?

  • RarestName

    I think it’s removed. The link in the original thread doesn’t work.

  • ishay maimon

    where is the download link ?

  • saurabhaj

    Its like being cu#kkold,lol.

  • Hi. Where is the link?

  • Blakkpanta

    Where do I get this from?

  • Girth Diggler

    Big difference between a laggy launcher and THE windows phone 8 home screen with LIVE TILES.

  • Stian French

    I have a game that looks just like this called Tetris!

  • I can’t find this launcher anywhere… Not even in the play store…

  • Nooi

    Facelift doesn’t make yourself younger. Do something else android.

    • brian llama

      lol, envy because your locked down OS can’t be customized ? :)

  • sasddasdwa

    Windows 8 only looks good on computers… especially with aero style not metro.
    I’m running windows 8 theme on 7 and it runs and looks perfectly.
    On phones, it looks cramped and ugly

  • Hugh

    Compleyely put me off from buying a new windows 8 phone. VERY bland and basic

  • AndroidMeetsWindows

    i cant find it on google play, does anybody know how to get to it?

  • wallis

    Well its not like the real thing with live tiles. Still same old boring static icons, just a different shape. It may add something different to those who are sick of the old android/apple lookalike thing.

  • Cameron Holmes

    which launcher is that cause i can’t find it