Woz would love to see iTunes for Android, also jailbreaking community reminds him of his youth

by: Gary SimsOctober 3, 2012

Putting aside any love or hate you have for Apple, you can’t but help like Steve Wozniak. The man is a legend. The Apple co-founder, who invented the Apple I and Apple II computers, has been talking with community members over at Slashdot and during the discussion the topic of Android popped up!

As part of the “interview” members posted all manner of questions for Woz ranging from “What new stuff excites you most now?” to “Where do you think the iPhone is going?”. Along the way Android was mentioned a few times. His first comment on the open source OS was that “iOS 6 is not inferior to Android” and let’s face it, he is right. You might not want to own an Apple mobile device, you might love Android for its openness, freedom and broadness (in terms of hardware support) but iOS isn’t inferior to Android. But neither is Android inferior to iOS!

When the topic of jailbreaking (rooting as we call it in the Android sphere) came up, Woz was quite keen. He says it reminds him of his younger self. “I have always given my support to the jailbreak community because they remind me of myself when I met Steve Jobs and how we were, then and for the years leading to Apple.”

The next mention of Android is quite stunning. Woz loves iTunes, OK he is the Apple co-founder, he is an Apple share holder, fine. But Woz has a broad view in terms of how prevalent iTunes should be. You see, Woz points out that Apple ported iTunes to Windows so that it could connect with customers who didn’t have a Mac. So Woz thinks that Apple should do the same with Android. “So why don’t we port iTunes to Android?” says Woz. “Did something get closed up? I love Apple products and iTunes and wish it were on my Android products too.”

This is an interesting point. The current smartphone market is made up of much more than just the phone itself. It is the eco-system that matters. Google has its Play Store, Apple has iTunes and Amazon has its whole online presence. Leaving aside apps, which obviously will only run on the right OS, films, music and TV shows can all be watched on any modern mobile device regardless of the OS. It is a simple thing to buy a MP3 album on Amazon and listen to it on an iPhone. The opposite is also true, it is easy to buy music on iTunes and listen to it on an Android device. Because of DRM issues it isn’t so easy with films or TV shows, so if Apple ported iTunes to Android it would open up a whole new market to Apple and offer a new source of content to Android users.

What do you think, should Apple port iTunes to Android? Rather like the Amazon MP3 store, do you think you would buy music, films and TV shows to watch on your Android device via iTunes? Leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts.

  • mrband

    And who in this Earth does want that crap in Android? Indeed not me, thanks!

    • OK, some people don’t like iTunes, Woz does… I have some questions for you… 1) What don’t you like about iTunes and how do the current media stores for Android beat it. 2) Are you interested in the content (films, TV shows etc) available in iTunes?

  • Sondre Krumsvik

    iTunes for android = doubletwist.
    The best thing about android is that you do not need any software on your laptop. iTunes pissed me off when I had an iPod and android freed me from that crap!

    • I think the idea is a media play which can play DRM content bought from iTunes as well as offer other content to buy. Simply syncing with iTunes isn’t enough.

  • Johnny SD

    I didn’t even want to use iTunes when I had an iPhone. In fact, iTunes is one of the main reasons why I switched to Android in the first place. I hated the fact that everything had to go through iTunes. Sync to add, Sync to remove, and Sync rinse and repeat. I’m not too sure about it now but it was also a pain just to update iTunes and then the horror to continue. Couldn’t play this app because I needed to download the newest update available which would lead me into having to sync again with iTunes and watch my updates update and then installing then syncing again and then finally download that 1 app I wanted. See this big wall of text? It takes me 1 minute to plug in my android device and add whatever I want in ANY format I want I add it unplug it and play. Also, add movie to drop box and play it regardless of format. These Apple articles remind me why I love being an Android user so much.

    • Johnny, You raise some very good points, having to use iTunes to sync every thing can be a pain, but for non-technical people I know who have bought an iPhone the system works well, just one place to handle everything. To to teach them to mount a drive, find the right folder, copy etc is too much… Of course for technical people it is easy… easier than iTunes.

      >> “I needed to download the newest update available…”

      My complaint against my Android mobile manufacturer is that I don’t get any updates…

      • GlueFactoryBJJ

        Let’s pretend that Apple was willing to do the port. I can’t see Google being willing to let them until they open up iOS to Google Play and the full range of Google apps.

        Frankly, if I were Google, I’d tell them, “We’ll open up to you when you open up to us.”


  • Rob

    Wow Android Authority has their very own apple fanboy writing for them. When did that happen? If Android starts using itunes I will switch to Windows phone. If apple removes drm from their video I might consider using some of there stuff again

    • Sondre Krumsvik

      I can recommend WP. After using an htc Titan I can recommend it, after it gets 7.8. You should buy an WP8 device when they get out, if you want to change to WP. Android can already use iTunes, but you have to download doubletwist from the play store and on your desktop. Android will never use iTunes as a basic media syncing program because it is opensource (somehow I think opensource protects it from commitment to software like iTunes).

    • Rob, since when does making a rational, thoughtful analysis of the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer and trying to understand what works and what doesn’t work make me a “fanboy.” Apple didn’t grow to its enormous size by making total rubbish, something must be good about their products.

      Also I don’t think anyone is talking about Android using iTunes. Android will remain as it is, open. It will have Google Play, Amazon Appstore and all the other alternatives available for apps and content. Why can’t iTunes be one of those alternatives. You are free to not use it. If it ever became available (and it like 99.9% won’t) then you can ignore it, you don’t need to change phone.

  • Don’t want that piece of shit software anywhere near my Android.

    • OK, so you don’t like iTunes, but Woz does… why he is wrong?

      • Vboom

        It appears no matter how many times you ask this question nobody can answer you?

      • GBGamer

        He’s not wrong, but my opinion of iTunes is very low. I prefer Google Play, and I have Rockbox on my iPod 5g so I don’t have to use it.


    Man, I thought that was Chewbacca for a moment there…..

    Anyways Itunes can [email protected] right off!

  • Mike Bates

    I never liked iTunes either, its one of the reasons that once I picked up my Galaxy Nexus earlier this year I abandoned my iPod for music and went all-out Google Music I’ve stuck with it ever since.
    I didn’t like how the only was to load content onto the device was through iTunes, it was indeed very locked down and the DRM on the video is one of my biggest problems. Other then that it was a very slow piece of software which also hogs lots of resources. Using Winamp I can use much less resources, have something that manages my music better and runs faster than iTunes.
    People don’t seem to realize that you can already sync all of your iTunes music up into the cloud with Google Music and have it sync wirelessly across your devices. You don’t need doubletwist or iTunes. Ive been doing that for months.

    • Mike, Thanks, you raise some excellent points especially the tip about Google Music.

  • I would like to see iTunes for Android. I use iTunes to listen to music and I find it easy to use.

  • kamiller42
  • Frank

    Woz should be in charge of Apple not that dumbass Tim Cook. Woz is the only sensible person in the company.

  • Let us be frank-
    Who wants iTunes.i dont know a single person using it on Android…..Our android is open…it has power of “TORRENT”….and bluetooth file transfer” (easy content “)..so we can get everything free..we donot need to pay for anything …..Realistically speaking People Who Are Inside Ios Prison Using Itunes Are So Stupid !!

    • Piyush, So just let me clear you are advocating stealing?

      I am an app author and part of the way I feed my family is when people buy my apps… Since Android has the power of “TORRENT” (as you put it) you are suggesting that it is OK to download illegal content (including apps like mine) so that the authors don’t get the money for their apps.

      But anyone who uses iTunes and pays for things is stupid? Is that what you are saying?

      Is that the same for people who buy music, films and apps from the Play Store and Amazon… They are stupid???

      • Icannot agree with you more.

        but google and it’s darling oems do not give a dam about any responsibility of stopping piracy-

        1) google do not prevent pirating measures like torrent from getting in to android devices.

        2) oems give the pirates more teeth via more pirating tools like bluetooth file transfer. etc

        Is google expecting that people will listen to their inner “angel voice ” and stop piracy?

        Guess what,who is making fun of people who are willing to pay and are using legal download on iTunes and similar serves?


        I looked upon myself as the most stupid person in the world because i owned an iPhone and it did not allowed to pirate content or apps,no youtube downloads, but all my friends who owned an android device can do that in a blink and without paying a penny.

        This reminds me of a saying but i be leave it is not in google’s database-


        • mentose457

          Meh, with a jailbroken iProduct you can get any and all paid apps for free. Not that I agree with it. But the point is its just as easy or easier to acquire paid apps for free for iOS.
          iOS has a higher demand for pirated apps as their store has more paid apps compared to the Play Store.
          As for iTunes, imo, it is the worst part of owning an iProduct. Mainly because of syncing and updating but also because it is hideous to look at. The spreadsheet look is very hard on the eyes. Imo of course.

          • That is my point you have to jailbreak your iOS device (which i did and it killed it’s warranty by the way).
            On the other hand to steal content on android it is absolutely a norm.
            ON ANDROID STEALING CONTENT DOES NOT FEAL LIKE STEALING.(It feels even more legal then legal downloading).
            i myself is an android user now (i no longer use iOS) just because i don’t have to jailbreak (break iOS platform law) to pirate content.


  • Southrncomfortjm

    iTunes on Android would make it easier for me to get my wife to give up the iPhone for a Galaxy SIII or something. She doesn’t want to go to the trouble of converting over to Google Music (which I think is a great service) so she sticks with the iPhone. Of course, if Apple hears this they won’t make the app (not like they would anyway) sinec it would mean at least 1 less iPhone sale next time around.

    • Chris Brown

      You can use iSyncr for Android to sync your iTunes music instead of converting it all to Google Music. http://www.jrtstudio.com

      • Southrncomfortjm

        So, basically, this acts as Google Music for people who use iTunes? You can download playlists and songs from iTunes directly from your computer to your Android phone? That is really great! Thanks for the tip!

        • Chris Brown

          That is correct =) Not exactly like Google Music since Google Music streams its content onto your device, but for those who still use iTunes, don’t live in the US, or don’t have unlimited data to stream, iSyncr is the answer.

  • I live in a mixed household. Whenever possible my wife and I avoid Google and Apple stores and buy from Amazon. Considering its primarily a content provider (although I imagine that’s changing) cross-platform works to Amazon’s advantage. Hard to see it benefiting Apple or Google if their primary focus is selling devices rather than content.

  • I have a classic iPod video that I put the Toshiba 240 gb hard drive in, and I still don’t have enough room for all the music want constant access to. Google Play has a cap that I quickly met. 250,000 songs on Amazon was promising but the interface was horrible. So if I could do the iTunes match on my Galaxy Nexus I would be one extremely happy camper. Apple, shut up and take my money.

  • kinda moot

    It doenst really matter what Android users think…Apple will never do this as it gives credibility to Android. And since Stevo hated Android…already decided.

    Woz is not the user Apple wants. He ALSO uses Android and “they are the enemy”. In Apple’s world, you are either in or out. (eg: Google maps). If Apple bans G Maps, why would they give iTunes to Android users? Such a move would motivate Android users to NOT stop using Android, which is not the goal.

    Maybe in 5 years when Apple finally sees that they have no chance to recover market share, then maybe. Until then, they still want to destroy Android so that all Android users must use iOS…even against their will…and iTunes. Now that’s a good image for hell on earth.

    • Scary

      Really. Think a moment about that. Apple wants to destroy Android so you must use iOS. What if they were to get what they want?

      What does that tell you about the kind of company we are dealing with? Sure, they are big with lots of cash, but they are anti-freedom and anti-free market capitalism. Down with Apple and their horrific business philosophies.



  • I agree with Steve Wozniak. I rent movies from iTunes that are not available on either google or amazon in Australia, and netflix isn’t available either. I prefer Android for the open quality, but some of the apps in iTunes, not to mention the movie rentals is a problem issue. I have been trying to decide which is better for me, and this is one of my issues.

  • Hate to say it… but I would welcome this. My wife upgraded from an iPhone 4 to a Galaxy Note, but she still keeps her iPhone as a music player… why? Because there’s no easy, reliable way for her to sit down on her computer, create playlists from our 120GB music library, and then sync her playlists onto her Note.

    I tried WinAmp for her, but the whole interface was cluttered and confusing, and when the network music drive dropped off, its library disappeared as well, and had to re-add itself when I restored the connection (and on a WiFi network, that takes a very, VERY long time). The WiFi sync also proved glitchy and unreliable.

    I tried to show her how to just drag’n’drop songs from the network drive, but with tens of thousands of songs (many still not well organized), that’s tedious in the extreme.

    I put doubletwist on my phone but haven’t had time to mess with it yet… I’ve asked around various forums for something that will do the equivalent of iTunes for sync, but as yet haven’t found anything that’s just plain as FRIENDLY.

    Apple’s strength has always been making stuff that JUST WORKS. I helped my brother recently set up sharing on his all-Apple home system – iMac, Macbook, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and AirPort, and all he had to do to share his music and video libraries from his iMac… was to log in to his AppleID account on each device. That’s it – nothing to download, nothing to install. Now he can use his iPad to watch a movie from his iMac, then with a couple taps, switch the movie to the TV… then pick up his iPhone and have IT flip the movie back to playing on the iPad. It JUST WORKS.

    To do that in a non-Apple environment, you need different apps on everything, and there’s still no guarantee anything will get along with everything else (Plex comes close… but still not there).

    Simple fact is, for the non-technical people, the iTunes -> iPhone sync process is pretty painless, and iTunes has a clean, smooth interface that’s a lot friendlier for most of them. If I could get iTunes on Android, I could put that on her phone, install iTunes on her laptop, re-import her old playlists, and everything would be happy again (and as they say, “Happy wife, happy life”).

    And note to the haters: if you don’t want it… don’t install it. Simple as that.

  • Why do we give a crap about what this old guy has to say about a company he hasn’t worked at in a bajillion years?

  • Yeah, that just what my Android needs. A completely unusable product from Apple.

  • BelindaRaman

    Yeah, this is a great talk “export iTunes playlist to Android“. And I also wish iTunes will be on Android products too