December 29, 2011
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If you’re anticipating the launch of the Asus Transformer Prime because it is the first quad core Android tablet in the world, you might want to hold onto that—until May 2012 that is. Although previous reports on the launch of the first quad core Android smartphone were brushed off as mere rumors, Meizu MX CEO Jack Wong finally confirmed it.

At this moment, information on its specs is still scarce. But from what we’ve gathered, the device will contain 16GB of storage space. Moreover, there are several reports that state that Meizu MX will release a 32GB option, containing a quad core Exynos 4412 processor chip—the same one that Samsung is using. Another rumor we’re hearing is that the phone will also be Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich powered. Unfortunately, these are still unconfirmed leaks and will only be verified when Meizu releases more information on the device.

Mr. Wong’s confirmation was posted at the official online community of the company, stating that interested parties can wait until May of next year. Not a long wait, if you ask us.


[Source: TechZek]

Christine Torralba
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