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They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, though we have a feeling LG’s PR bosses aren’t that happy about this incident.

To promote its newly launched G2, LG set up an event called “G in the clouds” with a simple premise: to win a LG G2, participants had to recover coupons tied to helium-filled balloons. It sounds simple and relatively innocuous, right? A few lucky winners get a brand new G2, LG gets some much needed exposure, and everyone’s happy…

Except the whole affair didn’t go as LG had hoped it would. To maximize their chances to get that prized coupon, people brought various utensils to the event, such as butterfly nets and BB guns. You see where this is heading?


According to the Korea Times, 20 people were injured in the incident, though it’s not clear if the cause of the injuries was people shooting BB guns or just a good old fashioned prize-induced stampede.

For what is worth, LG announced it will support the medical expenses of those injured and that it will cancel events it originally planned to hold in other cities in Korea. More details at the source.

Bogdan Petrovan
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    G what a terrible plan….

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    G-sus Christ!

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    I wonder what the G forces were like

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    Sh*t happens.. but what’s commendable is the responsibility LG took to take care of the injuried people, financially. And moreover canceling other planned events? Great job.

    bdw Bogdan, i love the way you write.

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    deep down we humans are still animals. To get something new and FREE, some people do a lot.Why they not covered the starting area of the balloons with security? The idea was that the balloons rise in the air…….or not?

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