Wood Moto X to launch in Q4, oak and redwood versions demoed

by: Chris SmithAugust 2, 2013
Moto X

Moto X in Wood

Wood versions of Motorola’s recently unveiled Moto X will be launched in the fourth quarter of the year, the company confirmed to a publication.

The Next Web has had a chance to test out devices that had early versions of oak and rosewood backs and says that Motorola has been experiencing with a variety of wood types, but that “it will settle on four distinct styles.”

The company has already promoted its wooden Moto X, but what could have been a funny innuendo resulted in a sort-of PR disaster – that’s one happens when you try to promote your shiny new device with a few too many sex jokes.

Actual availability dates for these versions have not been mentioned. The “regular” Moto X models will start shipping in late August / early September in a variety of colors.

Pricing details for the wood Moto X versions have not mentioned at this time, so it will certainly be interesting to see whether they’re going to be more expensive than the “regular” models.

As you can see in the image gallery below the wooden back sides of the Moto X look great, certainly a lot better than one would have expected. Not to mention that they look a lot better than colored Kevlar.

The first Moto X models can be customized in a variety of ways when it comes to color choices (at least for AT&T initially), and we would assume that wood would also be available as an option in the MotoMaker tool later this year.

  • Moto Fail

    No one is going to buy this phone in Q4. Lot better Phones with Snapdragon800 will be out. Only if they bring 32GB price down to $400 (unlocked), it will work

    • D’Ander McSullivan

      Not gonna happen

    • Denis De Fazio

      I agree. One can buy a similarly speced phone (nexus 4) much cheaper and get timely updates. I wonder if people will pay premium for customization.

  • SeraZR™

    the price is just too damn high

    i mean wtf seriously?

  • najiy91

    release the termites!!!haha!

  • najiy91

    seriously wood material less heat,more cooler for smartphones nowadays.good job motorola!

  • mumusen

    Now that this shitty phone has launched, can we move on to Nexus 5’s leaks,please?

  • William Worlde

    Hmmm….. A wooden phone that wouldn’t go. That’s my funny for the weekend. I really have no comment, so I’m shutting the hell up!