With S-Pen SDK 2.2.5, developers can now toy with Galaxy Note 2’s multi-window feature

by: Bams SadewoNovember 19, 2012

About a month ago, Samsung updated the Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Galaxy Note series, but it didn’t come with the tool that’d make it easier for developers to create apps that are compatible with the Note 2’s multi-window function.

As a follow up, version 2.2.5 of the S-Pen SDK for the Note 2 is now available to download from Samsung’s website. The latest SDK lets software makers integrate the multi-window feature of the Galaxy Note 2, and possibly other devices, into their apps.

Here’s what’s new on the S-Pen SDK:

  • Multi Window and its related APIs were added to improve the usability of apps that utilize the S-Pen on the GALAXY Note II.
  • The screen can be split vertically or horizontally within apps that use the S-Pen without switching to another screen, allowing the user to display related apps on one screen simultaneously.
  • Multi Window supports data transaction using the clipboard, as well as drag & drop to allow easy sharing of data between apps that use Multi Window.

Samsung has also listed some duplicate APIs that should be avoided, as well as fixed some errors found on the previous version of the kit. In addition, there are 20 sample apps that should help inspire how the true multi-tasking feature can be best implemented.

  • Quryous


    Great, looking forward to it.

    BUT, you are likely to
    need the missing 32GB or 64GB versions of the Note 2 if developers get
    really ambitious with their programs.

    Where ARE those variants?


    • Just buy an external micro SD…

      16GB is much more than enough for system and apps, and then you can get up to 64GB for music, videos, photos and more! also, if you need more space for apps, you can move some of them to the micro SD.

      • Quryous


        That would be fine if the apps actually WORKED from the SD disk, but most don’t. They have to be especially written to do that, and most developers don’t go to the extra work.

        If you look at the changes in app sizes over the last little while, you will find that they are growing exponentially. Especially games. If you keep your Note 2 for any length of time, and if you have more than a minimum of small apps, you will likely run out of room before you are really ready to move up to the Note 3 or 4 if all you have is 16GB.

        Note that a few smartphones are already coming out with ONLY 64GB models.


        • Look again – most games download the big size files to the SD (after installing it from the play, on the first launch) and for other apps 16GB is enough in my opinion.