If you don’t mind the lack of Samsung’s official branding, you can now purchase a wireless charging pad for your Samsung Galaxy S3, and for other compatible Android phones, from Verizon’s website. Verizon is charging – pun intended – $50 for the wireless charging pad.

The charging pad comes with a LED indicator that will emit a flickering green light when you’re charging the phone, and a solid light when it has completely replenished the phone’s battery. It will also emit a beeping sound when you place the phone or when it’s stopped charging – a feature that apparently can’t be turned off.

You’ll need more than the charging station to make that wire-free charging fantasy of yours a reality.  A separate purchase of the wireless charging battery cover for your Galaxy S3 is needed. The inductive back cover, which reportedly cost $39, is a genuine Samsung product. Hmm, this explains why it’s rather pricey. The whole set up will set you back $89.

We just checked and saw that the wireless charging kit is unfortunately listed as out of stock on Verizon’s website. You can try again in a couple hours – or days even – to see if Big Red has more stock.  Alternatively, you can check with your local Verizon stores to see if they have the complete kit lying about.

If you want something a tiny bit more affordable and don’t mind waiting for a good month or so, Zens plans to release its own take of wireless charger for the Galaxy S3 in September – with the bundled charging pad and back cover to cost $83.

Bams Sadewo
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  • Is this kit compatible with Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket?

    • Phullofphil

      I don’t think so because the back cover is just a replacement battery cover for the phone and not a case

  • LLPhilJ

    It says they battery cover is out of stock online. But when I went to the store by me, the lady looked it up and found that they actually had it in stock in the warehouse. Ordered it and I should receive it sometime next week.

  • Noob

    So i have to but the phone on the pad so it will charge right ??
    My friend say that it will charge even if i dont but it in the pad

    • nightscout13

      It needs to be within a certain distance, usually very short. If you have a mat that can charge your phone from 6 feet away, you can say goodbye to your brain, along with the rest of the cells in your body. It’s not healthy.

  • nightscout13


  • jeff

    if you get the battery cover can you still use a case over the phone or does it have to make a connection directly?

  • Jeff Herd

    Nice product but can i purchase from UK, if yes so how much cost will have to pay ? becasue i want to compare with http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00FPFM4AY/

    Here choe company provide lowest rate for UK user specially so please describe more……